back from MN

I am back from Minnesota now, and totally exhausted. We had such a great time up there, hiking and walking around town and just generally relaxing with my parents. (And, in my case, reading lots of papers for my comprehensive exam). I didn’t do a whole lot of knitting on the trip, but the Seraphim shawl is noticeably bigger:

seraphim progress

I knit on Seraphim on the plane going to MN, at an outdoor concert while we were there, and on the plane on the way home. That last bit was when I did my “time trial” for the Tour de France knitalong, and counted how many stitches I could knit in an hour. Turns out, when I’m knitting fairly plain stockinette, that number is: 2082 sts/hour. Not bad! It’d be even faster if I were knitting in the round…I’m not a particularly slow purler, but I’m slower doing purl stitches than knit stitches.

Actual coverage of my Tour de Gansey, part trois should start tomorrow, as long as I can find the energy to take some pictures and write up a post or two! Stay tuned!

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