chawne's sweater, garter whimsy

Garter Whimsy, all finished

C’s sweater has finally dried after its blocking, and has had all of the cat-hairs lovingly picked off it before being wrapped in tissue paper to be put in the mail tomorrow. Despite all that, given the degree to which every surface of our house, our clothing, and even the inside of our car is covered in cat hair, the odds of it arriving to C allergen-free are pretty much zero.

C's sweater, all done.

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: my own, tentatively called “Garter Whimsy”, designed especially for C, in exchange for a quilt.
Yarn: Cascade 220, in "Aporto". 6 skeins. (Maybe a little more? I lost track, but it was definitely less than 7).
Needles: size 8 Denise Circulars and Knitpicks dpns.
Time to knit: May 27 – June 21st

And now, some detail shots:

love that garter rib.
I will never tire of garter rib

seamless set-in sleeve.
Seamless set-in sleeve

v-neck closeup.
V-neck, in garter rib, picked up from a sl1, p1 edge

I am immensely proud of this sweater, and am so grateful to C for giving me a reason to design it! I do plan to write up a pattern for this design, including a variety of options for cuff and neckline finishes (such as the ones I did in my “Swatch” for this sweater). I don’t know when I’ll actually get around to it, though, given how much I have on my plate right now both knitting-wise and otherwise. Before the end of the year, that much is for sure.

24 thoughts on “Garter Whimsy, all finished”

  1. So pretty! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the edging on the neckline is my favorite (of many lovely) detail. Such a nice touch!

  2. For me it’s the tubular cast-on that I’ll never get tired of (that is tubular cast-on right?). That combination with the garter rib looks so sophisticated. Really good looking!

    1. Yep, it’s a tubular cast-on! I love it, too…I don’t think I will ever use another cast-on for this kind of ribbing again.


    1. Thank you! I will definitely keep you posted on the pattern. It’ll probably be a little while just because I’m so busy this summer.


    1. Thank you! The yarn is really spectacular. I was so worried about the finishing, knitting a sweater for another knitter, but I do think it turned out well!


    1. Thank you! I just don’t even bother anymore, with my own sweaters. There’s no avoiding the cat hair in this house, with two orange tabbies.


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