it’s (almost) gansey time!

I’ve got another swatch for y’all. This time, for something that is not striped:

gansey swatch

What you see there is Schoeller Stahl Morea, a sport-weight yarn, on size 3 needles, which gives me a gauge of 7 sts./inch. This is the yarn I’m planning to use to knit my modernized version of a gansey, with waist-shaping and set-in short sleeves, during this year’s Tour de France. Because what says “French cycling race” better than a traditional British fisherman’s garment? Nothing, that’s what I say! You can see the beginnings of my (not very good) sketching underneath the swatch. I’m still thinking through exactly which designs I want in my gansey, but I’m quite eager to get started. I’ll do my best to hold off until July 4th to actually cast on, but I’m not sure I can manage the wait. I’m looking forward to le Tour de Gansey, part trois!

Speaking of ganseys, thanks to a tip from Sarah, I now have a beautiful colorcard to play with:

frangipani colorcard

It’s from here. They are revitalizing gansey yarns with a whole bunch of gorgeous colors, and I am now seriously tempted to order a cone or two, now that I’ve gotten to see it first-hand. I’m envisioning not just ganseys, but also colorwork yokes (of course!). We’ll just see.

18 thoughts on “it’s (almost) gansey time!”

  1. The yarn has such wonderful twist and color selection. I agree that it would make a lovely colorwork yoke. I’m looking forward to watching the gansey progress, too!

    1. I am indeed! It’s actually the same mountain theme as I used in my gansey last year, but it will have very different patterns surrounding it.


  2. Nice plans! Following on Yarndude, a mountain theme on the front would mean you could say British Gansey during the French Tour, right?

  3. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I have a Danish Nattrojer on the needles in the Frangipani – the Claret colorway. Great yarn, and Jan is wonderful too!

    1. Thanks! The gansey is almost all charted out now. I am really looking forward to getting a cone of the Frangipani one of these days.


  4. Ive always loved the look and the stories behind the traditional ganseys. It will be very interesting to see how your modern gansey goes- really looking forward to seeing pics:)

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping that the combination of a more modern, fitted shape with traditional gansey techniques and motifs will be a good one.


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