lots of updates!


I’ve been a busy bee lately. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Ohio, visiting my brother and his wife, as well as my husband’s parents, my husband’s brother and his wife, and my husband’s best friend and his two little kids. Visiting 4 families in a little over 2 days is a bit overwhelming! And I’ve been busy with academic stuff since we got back, too. Getting experiments running, getting my reading list ready for comprehensive exams, that sort of stuff.

But now I’m behind on the blogging. Let’s see. Once we got back from Ohio, I cast on for C’s sweater, and have already made it through the waist shaping:

C's sweater

I used a tubular cast-on for the first time on this sweater, and while it took forever, I don’t think I will ever use another cast-on for ribbing again. It’s fantastic, and totally solves the “cast-on not being as flexible as the ribbing” problem I had with my own version of this sweater.

Our other big project has been our garden. We finally got compost and peat moss and whatnot and were able to put our veggies (and strawberries) in yesterday:

looking even better

Here’s hoping we can manage to keep these things growing!

Oh, and there’s one more thing that I’ve been working on, too. It’s off with the test-knitters now, to be picked apart and made even better, I hope.