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an almost-FO, and something new

Yesterday morning, I bound off Ishbel:

off the needles! [365.342]

It still needs a good blocking, but it’s so humid here right now that I’d rather wait…it seems like it would never dry if I tried to block it right now!

I’m following my usual practice of not considering this a finished object (either here, or over on Ravelry) until it has gotten its blocking and had its picture taken afterward, hence calling it an “almost-FO”. A few details, for those who can’t wait for the eventual FO post: I knit this using all of 2 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, in a color whose name I’ve forgotten but is essentially just “natural”, on size 7 needles. I followed the “large” pattern for the stockinette section, and the “small” pattern for the lace, which, given my gauge, resulted in a very nice sized shawl. The shawl is intended to be a gift for someone, but I’m keeping that part under wraps for now.

As for the new thing, well, I’ve already come clean here about my inability to bind off one lace piece without casting on for another. And so it went, yesterday:

something new.

This little number is the beginnings of a Seraphim Shawl, from Fly Designs handyed angora laceweight yarn. I’ve got my fingers crossed the the angora will work well, here. It feels amazing, running through my fingers.

I mostly wanted to make sure I cast on for a new shawl because we’re going to be taking a short trip to Ohio next weekend, for Memorial Day, where we will visit: my brother and his wife, my husband’s brother and his wife, my husband’s parents, and my husband’s best friend and his wife, and their two kids who are growing up shockingly quickly! It’ll be a busy weekend, so I probably won’t do a lot of knitting while we’re there, but it’s a 7 hour drive each way, and I’d rather knit on something small like a shawl than something large like a sweater. For the rest of this week, The Swatch is going to be the focus of my energies.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that poor Tangled Yoke has gotten the short end of the stick, in terms of the time I’m spending on it. As is probably clear from my last post, it’s just that I have all of these pattern ideas in my head, and until I can get them out of my head, and knit up and written down, I don’t think I’m going to be doing much in the way of knitting sweaters from other people’s patterns. I’ll get back to it, eventually, but if my head is going to be full of ideas right now, I kind of want to run with it. And I’ve got a couple of sweaters to be knitting for other people (C’s sweater, which is one of the ones I’m designing, and a sweater for another friend which I’ll talk about sometime later), which take priority.

Final Housekeeping Note:
On the last post, I replied to everyone’s comments in the comment section (since WordPress now allows comment-threading). Now I have a couple of questions: Do y’all like that, or should I go back to emailing my replies to y’all individually? Also, do y’all get email notifications when I reply, or do you have to come back here to check for replies? I’m just trying to figure out what the best way of handling comments is, now that I have more options. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “an almost-FO, and something new”

  1. I love your Ishbel! I’ve just started one, and I love your idea of mixing the large stockinette panel with the small lace panel. I’m going to try that!

  2. I had no idea you had replied to my comment on the last post – apparently I don’t get a notification if you do that. If replying in the comments section is easier, I would say continue doing that (and I will now know to go back and check.) Your Ishbel looks great, I can’t wait to see it blocked!

  3. i don’t like the idea of responding in the comments because i don’t get a notification, and i’m not likely to come back and check for follow-up comments. but i don’t mind if that’s what you want to do! i love ishbel! i want to make one for myself, too.

  4. Commenters can also click on the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box if they want to be notified of replies. (Which I’ll do at least.) It’s hard to figure out though, a friend of mine and I are also grappling right now with whether or not to reply in comments or what…

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