so many ideas, so little time!

pretty white flowers
There, now this post has a picture.

I’ve finished my TA duties and my own coursework for this semester, and about to embark on the process of preparing for my comprehensive exams (“comps” or “quals”…I’ve heard them called both, so I have taken to jokingly calling them “quamps”). With a somewhat more flexible schedule over the summer, I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done, too.

I’m still working on the Stripes! pattern, and appreciate everyone’s patience on that front. I think it should go fairly quickly now that I am done with classes. And then there’s the sweater I’m designing and knitting for C…I’m not sure what to call that design, and am wondering if I should just steal borrow the name she’s given my quilt, and call it “Blue Whimsy”. In any case, I’m almost done with the first sleeve on my “first draft” version, so that’s moving along quite well.

My mind has been taken over (when it has not been thinking about academic-related things) by design ideas lately. Here are some of the other design-type ideas I have floating around in my head:

Relating to Stripes!, I have ideas for both:

  • a baby version of Stripes!, using Noro Kureyon Sock and a solid colored sock yarn.
  • a pair of mittens aimed at using up the leftovers of Noro and Eco Wool from the grown-up version of Stripes! in a clever way.

For the former, I just need to acquire a skein of solid colored sock yarn (perhaps Malabrigo sock, in Natural?). For the latter, I just need to do it…I have the design all worked out in my head, but haven’t found the time to sketch it out and cast-on.

Then there’s:

  • actually writing up the pattern for the Estonian Mittens I knit 2 years ago now
  • a gansey-inspired pullover in sport weight, with waist-shaping and set-in sleeves (both of which would not appear on an actual gansey, but what I want is a sleek, modernized version).
  • a sock, with a design element that particularly tickles me, given the field I have landed in (how’s that for vague?).
  • and of course, the Escheresque mittens that I started well over a year ago, for my dad.

So many ideas, so little time! The Estonian Mittens should be fairly easy to write up; I can basically read the pattern off the mittens I already knit, and then check it by knitting a second version (or two, to get a larger size as well), which I’d like to do anyway, as gifts for people.

The modernized gansey is something I would like to knit during the Tour de France, in keeping with my now-established habit of running my own simultaneous Tour de Gansey.

Before I tackle the socks (for which I’ve already drawn out a chart), I need to acquire a good light grey sock yarn, one that shows stitch definition well. The yarn I currently have (Knitpicks Essential, in Ash) is too pilly for my taste. Any suggestions?

For the Escheresque mittens, I just need to keep slogging. The main thing that’s slowing me down is that my hands just can’t bear to knit on the 00 needles for very long, and so the mittens end up being at the bottom of my priority list when I’m just looking for something to knit while I watch the news in the evening.

Oh, and unrelated to designing, another thing I’ve been thinking about: Are any of you lovely people planning on going to Rhinebeck this fall? I’ve been thinking I should try to go at least once while I live in the state of NY, and it just might push me over into committing to it, to know that I could meet some of you in person. I’m slightly nervous about big festivals, and it’s also over my husband’s birthday, so I’d want to make sure he’d be alright with taking a wee little vacation to visit sheep and such, but in any case, I figured I’d just put the idea out there.

Tell me your plans, dear readers, both festival-related and otherwise!