just a peek.

hiding. [365.328]

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted. I figured I’d come out of hiding, at least very briefly, today. Not much has transpired on the knitting front recently; I’ve knit a bit more on Ishbel, but have honestly been so terribly overwhelmed with the non-knitting parts of life recently that the knitting has had to take a back seat. I’ve just completely run myself into the ground, since Spring Break, really, and haven’t given myself enough opportunities to rest, and am really paying for it now.

While I haven’t been keeping up with the knitting, I have been keeping up with the photography, and am currently taking part in Macro May. I love playing with Super Macro mode on my camera. So, in lieu of knitting, I figured I’d share some of my macro photos with y’all.

We had a rainy day today (which is making my joints ache like crazy; I used to laugh at the notion of “feeling it in your joints” when the weather goes nuts, but I totally understand now). But the beautiful droplets outside almost make up for the pain.

droplets on rose leaves
Droplets on Rose Leaves

Yesterday, I took a walk through Highland Park, hoping to get to spend some time with the flowers there before Lilac Festival starts, and all of Upstate NY invades my neighborhood. I’m paying a bit for that walk, today, but seeing all those lovely flowers was worth it, I think.

pretty little flowers
Cherry Blossoms

(not) bluebells
Grape Hyacinth

lilacs, blooming
Lilacs (of course)

If you’ve got a camera with a Macro setting, give it a try! It’s fun to find beauty in unexpected places with it.

(more lovely than the rose?)

6 thoughts on “just a peek.”

  1. beautiful photographs. the semester is almost over! (she says, almost through one of three papers…) hope yours is going well!

  2. I do a lot of macro photography in my garden. It makes for beautiful art.
    (Check out my cafepress shop for examples.)

    I love your wedding ring.

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