flutter scarf, FOs:2009

Flutter Scarf

The Flutter Scarf, it is finished:

for mom. [365.315]

I’m modeling it in that picture, but it’s not for me. It’s being sent off to my mother tomorrow, and it’s going to look beautiful on her. We have very different coloring, but those olivey greens look great on both of us.

The details:

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Flutter Scarf, by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Dream in Color Baby, in “Spring Tickle” (leftover from Icarus)
Needles: size 3 Knitpicks Harmony circulars
Time to knit: March 7th – April 18th, 2009
For: my mom :)

This scarf was the result of having nearly an entire skein of yarn leftover from my Icarus shawl; I only needed to break into the second skein for the bind-off. So, with somewhere around 600 yards of beautiful heavy laceweight yarn in a color I knew would suit my mother just as well as it suited me, I set off to find a pattern to make her…something.

It seems rather natural that I’d find the perfect pattern in the designs of the very same person who created the Icarus pattern. The Flutter Scarf pattern was just what I wanted…very simple lace for the body of the scarf, lots of stockinette to show off the beautiful colors of the yarn, and a little bit of frilliness at the ends.

flutter scarf

I knit the bulk of this scarf up in the sky. It traveled with me first to New Mexico, when I visited my grandparents, and then to California, to a conference. The pattern is ideal for plane-knitting, I think. The columns of lace running through the scarf are created in an easy-to-memorize 4-row repeat over a very manageable number of stitches, and you start from the middle, saving the ruffley bits for the very end (once you are off the plane and can easily check your chart again!). The only thing I found a bit challenging with this scarf was picking up the stitches from my provisional cast-on in order to knit the second half down from the center, but I don’t have much practice at provisional cast-ons, or picking up stitches in a lace pattern, and it all turned out just fine, anyway.

flutter scarf

Such a pretty little scarf! I hope my mom loves it. It won’t be enough to warm her neck on the coldest days of Winter up in Minnesota, but it’ll be just the thing for the chilly days of Fall and Spring.

11 thoughts on “Flutter Scarf”

  1. I already love it. It is actually cold enough today to wear it, but I hope by the time it gets here, I won’t need it! I can just sit and enjoy looking at it until fall.

    1. Hey, I just noticed that I can reply to comments right here on the blog…neat! Anyway, I already sent you an email, but I only wound up using about 400 yards, so I still have some more of this beautiful stuff to use up!

  2. Just lovely! It’s going on my to-knit queue. I’m a little anxious about the provisional cast-on, but perhaps it’s time for me to try something new.

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