something blue.

now we are four. [365.185]

Before I get to the knitting, I just want to make note of the fact that Friday was our fourth wedding anniversary, in addition to being the Equinox, and our cats’ birthday (the coincidence of those three events is not an accident!). What a four years it has been, full of changes both good and bad, for ourselves and for our country. We had a lovely dinner together that night, and plan, as our gift to ourselves, to make this the year we really fix up our garden (the traditional gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is “flowers”, after all!). Having been married on the Equinox, we celebrate our marriage at every turn of the seasons (the more celebrating, the better, right?), and I’m hoping that by the time the Solstice rolls around, we’ll have our garden looking much better. 16 seasons together…here’s to many, many more, my love.

And now to the knitting! Despite a nasty sweater-reorganization injury yesterday, I did manage to cast-on for something new:

new project.

It’s the beginning of a Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I’d been debating what to cast on for next, and just couldn’t make up my mind. On Thursday, I saw one of my students wearing a Tangled Yoke to class, and I had to resist the urge to squeal and embarrass her in front of a class of 100+ students! But my mind was made up: a Tangled Yoke would be the next sweater on my needles. I actually injured my finger trying to find the yarn I’d set aside for it awhile ago! I am loving the way the Silky Wool feels so far, and am also loving the garter rib. Which is a good thing, considering that I’m going to be doing lots of garter rib on the sweater I’m designing for my swap with Chawne!


9 thoughts on “something blue.

  1. Happy Anniversary Whitney!
    and on the knitting front…you will LOVE Tangled Yoke (esp. in that gorgeous Silky Wool) – definitely one of my all time favorites!

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