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stripes! in front of a tree

Holy cow, Stripes! is popular…every time I check on Ravelry, even more people have made it a favorite and more people have commented. I totally didn’t expect that! Thanks, everyone, for your lovely comments on my last post…I’m trying to respond to each of them, but have been crushingly busy this week.

Several people have inquired about whether I would make Stripes! into a pattern, and put it up for sale. I have to admit that I am somewhat hesitant to do this. Not because I don’t want other people to knit it up…I’d actually be quite giddy if tons of people were walking around in stripey yoked sweaters! It’s more that I feel like my sweater is, when it comes down to it, just such a basic yoked sweater that it’s hardly worth pattern-izing. Yes, my basic yoked sweater diverges in a few key ways from the classic EZ one that originally inspired it, and there are some particular techniques that make Stripes! look the way it looks, but it’s still just a yoked sweater.

But then I had an idea. What if I worked through the numbers for a few sizes, but then wrote up the pattern as more of a yoked sweater tutorial? A pattern where the whys and hows and which number do I use wheres of knitting a yoked sweater, generally, are worked out in great detail, in which the goal is to leave the reader with the ability to construct a yoked sweater of their own, with whatever mods they’d like? I realize this already exists in at least one form: namely, the EZ books I learned from. But would people like to read about it in the context of Stripes!? Because I do so love explaining things and teaching things to people, and since I appear to have become something of a yoked sweater evangelist (which is terribly funny if you know me well!), I think it might be a really great way to introduce people to the construction. What do y’all think? What would be a reasonable price for such a thing? (I’ll be honest…if it’s “free”, well, I don’t have loads of free time and might not find the time to put into making a nice pattern/tutorial, not because I’m mean and selfish, but because it’s a lot of work!). I’m open to suggestions!

(I’m cross-posting a version of this post on the Yoke Appreciation Blog, which has not gotten nearly enough attention recently.)

6 thoughts on “a pattern/tutorial?”

  1. I think this is a great idea and I’d definitely be willing to purchase a tutorial. I’d say anywhere between $5 and $10 would be fair. I’m guessing you’ll have more interest if you price it in the $5-$6 range as that looks like the going price for most patterns on the web. BTW Your work is really inspiring!

  2. Great idea! I’d definitely be interested in something like this. I agree with kgmama; it seems closer to $5-6 would be a “typical” going rate.

    If you have the time, and energy, and desire, I think people will DEFINITELY buy it. Such a great sweater!

  3. it’s so popular because it’s awesome!
    i’d love to see a tutorial – it is a great sweater. i love the corrugated rib on the collar and stuff – it looks great

  4. I like the idea of a tutorial, as opposed to a pattern, because then it is truly customized for the knitter.

    And good for you for giving credit where it’s due. EZ, Barbara Walker, etc., deserve recognition.

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