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wishing... [365.269]

…I could just be knitting and knitting on Stripes!. But alas, this has been one heck of a busy week, and I’ve got a full day of work to do today, and then packing, and then we leave before the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to fly down to Albuquerque. So the knitting is not so much happening. And Stripes! is too big and unwieldy at this point to bring along on a plane trip, so I won’t be knitting on it until next Thursday at the earliest. Instead, I’m hoping to cast on for a more portable (which is another way of saying “not a sweater”) project tonight, which I will leave a mystery for now, except to say that I have mentioned that I would be knitting this more portable project at least once on this blog.

I’m glad everyone is loving Stripes! I was playing on Ravelry the other day and noticed that Stripes! had been faved 40 times! Talk about pressure! I certainly don’t want to screw up the yoke, knowing that so many people are already in love with the sweater. You might notice in that picture above that I started turning the stripes into purl bumps at the yoke (I’m knitting one row in the Noro, and then purling the next, to avoid the weirdness of purl bumps at a color change). I hope this works out well. I also hope that the change in texture mitigates the slight weirdness that happens because of the shortrows (there are more rows of grey between the rainbow stripes on the back of the sweater right above the yoke than on the front). We’ll just have to see.

And with that, I’m off. No promises as to when I’ll post next, but I do promise to try to have a wonderful time down in Albuquerque, and hopefully take some pictures to share after I get back. Farewell!

5 thoughts on “wishing…”

  1. I thought my brain had done an interesting bit of revision! I just stared at the photo and was like, “Did I just imagine that the stripes were all St st before? What’s going on?!” It’s difficult to tell from this photo, but I really like the idea of the purl-ridged stripes around the yoke — it draws attention to the yoke and sets it off from the rest of the sweater without a dramatic departure. Can’t wait to see it done!

    Meanwhile, have fun in NM! Seems like a perfectly legitimate excuse to cast on something smaller.

  2. What a popular sweater! I love the combo of the very bright with the muted background. Enjoy your trip! I hope the warm weather makes you come back refreshed and de-stressed.

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