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busy bee.

Oy, this semester has been rather exhausting so far! I spent all of last weekend (literally: about 18 hours) grading that huge stack of exams in my last post, and then most of last week meeting with students about said exams. In a class of 108, even having only 10% of the class show up for office hours (all at once, of course!) can be quite overwhelming. And of course, all of my tutoring appointments at the Writing Center have been filled, and the Symphony I’m in had our first of two consecutive concerts yesterday, so I’ve been quite the busy bee.

my precious. [365.265]

We played Mahler 1, which I absolutely adore (I’ve had the 3rd movement running through my head all day, and it makes me want to dance around the house), and a suite from Harry Potter, which I do not so much enjoy. We’re giving the concert again on Tuesday, out of town, which means that I will have a killer 14+ hour day between my normal Tuesday schedule and the evening concert. Yikes!

I have managed a little bit of knitting on my beloved Stripes!, though. Most of it was accomplished today, during a marathon of Planet Earth watching, thanks to Netflix. So here, in all it’s nearly-ready-to-be-joined glory, is Stripes!:


Just a couple more stripes to go on the second sleeve, and then it will be time to join everything for the yoke. I’m 99% certain that I will be turning the rainbow stripes into purl ridges on the yoke, but reserve the right to change my mind on a whim, as I often do when it comes to such things.

The last bit of crafty business I got around to this week was sketching out some ideas for a sweater that I’ll be knitting for a friend in exchange for a quilt (yes, a quilt-sweater swap! I’m absurdly excited about it). Here’s what I’m thinking:

sketching for C.

A fairly plain v-neck, with garter-rib accents, and a garter-eyelet trim on the v-neck (and possibly at the bottom of the sleeves, if there isn’t going to be ribbing). I’m really eager to start swatching for this…I’ll be using the same yarn (right down to the color!) that I used for my husband’s sweater, which I very much enjoyed knitting.

Anyhow, that’s what I’m up to. This time next week, I will be down in Albuquerque, visiting my grandparents during the first half of my Spring Break. I’ve not been down there since almost a decade ago, so I’m quite excited about this! I’ll try to post again before we take off, but I’m not making any promises, given what a crazy week I have ahead of me.

13 thoughts on “busy bee.”

  1. Busy bee indeed! I can’t wait to see what you do with those stripes. So far it’s lovely.

    Dontcha know I was born in Albuquerque. Consequently, I’ve been able to spell it pretty much since I learned the alphabet. Have a good trip!

  2. You have been a very busy bee. Oh how I would have loved to hear the Mahler. The RPO used to play a lot of his work during the 80’s with the previous conductor and I would save up to go to the concerts. Enjoy your trip to Albuquerque and come back refreshed.

  3. Pairing Noro with solid is a genius move, my friend. Very clever way to create a fun sweater (I may blatantly “borrow” this idea).

    I’m glad you’re making a sweater for C! Lucky you to get one of her quilts. Good times.

    Have fun in Alberquerque!

  4. Hi, I live in Alubquerque. We’re having unseasonably warm weather here. It is a bit freaky, but it is the best part of spring – warm (but not hot) and the wind hasn’t started yet. I hope you enjoy your time off – it sounds like you can use it!

  5. Oh, I love this stripey sweater.

    I hope the busyness this week is only the happy/fun kind! I’m glad you’ve got a break coming up– you deserve it.

  6. That’s a lot on your plate! I am loving the way that sweater is shaping up — can’t wait to see what you decide on for the yoke. And the quilt-sweater swap sounds perfect; I keep waiting for someone to want to do one with me, but alas… (I’ve even offered lace, to no avail.) Hang in there!

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