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Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post! This is a rare mid-week post from me, I know, but I just did not want to wait until the weekend to share the newest thing I’ve cast on for. Basically, I ignored all y’all’s suggestions, and cast-on for something that wasn’t even on the list of yoked sweaters I gave in my last post. Here it is:


Stripes! I’m quite excited about this one, really. I guess I just wasn’t really in the mood to follow someone else’s pattern quite yet, so I cast on for a yoked sweater of my own design. I’m using Cascade Eco Wool and a rainbowish colorway of Noro Kureyon, and it’s working beautifully. I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do when I get to the yoke. Right now, I’m doing wider stripes of grey than of color, and I could reverse that; or, I could do the colorful stripes in purl instead of knit to make an interesting texture. It’ll be awhile (but let’s be honest, given the pace I seem to be knitting sweaters lately, not that long) before I get there, so I’ve got time to contemplate, but what do y’all think? (Yeah, I realize that I just said that I ignored all your suggestions on my last post. I still like getting suggestions!).

The thing I am most in love with on this sweater is the corrugated ribbing. I just love how it looks with the color shifts in the Noro against the columns of solid grey stockinette. So nice:


Love love love.

This new sweater isn’t the only bit of stripey goodness in my life right now, actually. There’s also this:

more stripes!

This is my current sock in progress, which I keep in my backpack, in case students don’t show up to my Writing Center appointments, and for a certain weekly meeting whose content fascinates me, but which is so very long, and whose leader has such a very somnolent voice, and which is so late in the day on Friday after a busy week, that I need something like a sock to keep my hands busy so that I don’t fall asleep during it. Everything below the ribbing there, I knit during the last such meeting. The yarn is Vesper Sock, and I believe the colorway is called “Sweetwater”. I love it…it is so bright and juicy, which is exactly what I need during these dreary mid-winter days.

Well, I’m off for a busy day of TA-ing, swimming/physical therapy, a seminar, and a meeting with my advisor, so I’d best get off the computer and get myself to campus. Here’s hoping I get a little more time with my stripey sweater this week.

12 thoughts on “stripes!”

  1. Holy mackerel! You are moving along so quickly. I looooooove the Noro stripeyness; I’ve been wanting to knit up a simple, striped Noro sweater for a while.

    I love the idea of adding some purl ridges to the yoke for interest. Oooh, or, you could make the grey stripes get gradually smaller as you work the yoke toward the neck.

  2. Cool, cool! I think a fair-isle type yoke (like with norwegian snowflakes, you know what I’m talking about?) would be smashing in that self-striping Noro.
    I never start next what I think I’m going to. That’s just how the creative mind works!

  3. Diggity dig the striped sweater! I have more than one sweater’s worth of plain natural wool in the stash… may have to come back to this for inspiration!

  4. Beautiful beautiful stripes! I love the Noro with the Eco-Wool. You’re setting cogs a-turning in my head…. can’t wait to see how it turns out. For the yoke, I think your idea of reversing the stripes (i.e. wide colourful and narrow neutral ones) would be beautiful, as would purl ridges. I’m excited to see what you do with it!

  5. I really like the way the sweater is looking. I love the corrugated ribbing! As far as what to do with the yoke, I think I’m going to leave that one up to you. I’m sure you’ll have a much more genius idea than I would. :)

  6. mick gave both of my ideas already — I really like how the sweater is looking so far. Noro by itself is usually too bold for me, but this gives all that cheeriness without being overwhelming. Lovely!

  7. Ooh! I love that sweater — the colors are gorgeous, and that gray really makes the Noro pop. I think Noro purl ridges in the yoke would be a great way to tie in to that gorgeous corrugated ribbing down below :) Good luck with all of your meetings!

  8. I love the new sweater! What a perfect combo of yarns! You could even do a simple block or circle colorwork pattern on the yoke – keeping the simple stripes and maybe morphing them into waves?

  9. LOVE the stripey sweater!! – I’m very curious about how it would look with the yoke done opposite (wide Noro/thin Eco) – or maybe garter with 1X1 stripes – or all Noro – or fairisle – or….
    You ARE on a roll girl!!!

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