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and another!

I am seriously on a roll with the yoked sweaters…I just finished another one last night. And I love it. Here it is:

my new sweater!

Ravelry Project Page

Pattern: my modified version of Jared Flood’s "Cobblestone Pullover"
Yarn: Fleece Artist BFL Aran, in a blue colorway, just slightly over 2 skeins (the leftovers from the third are going to become thrummed mittens, someday).
Needles: size 8 Denise circulars and Knitpicks Harmony dpns.
Time to knit: Jan. 20th – Feb. 7th

I cast on for this sweater on Inauguration Day, and can hardly believe it’s already done! Of course, in my husband’s words, “it’s a pretty easy one.” It’s true, this is a basic yoked sweater if there ever was one, and I had already worked out the necessary mods with the last one I knit, and of course, I’m a small person so there’s not as much knitting to do. But still, a sweater in 2.5 weeks? Pretty awesome.

I’m madly in love with it, too. I’ve had this Fleece Artist yarn in my stash for quite awhile, and had been thinking of turning it into something else entirely (an Imogen cardigan, to be precise). But I knew this yarn wanted to be something else. I’m so glad I decided to turn it into another Cobblestone.

blue sweater, blue sky

And today was the perfect day to take photos of it, too…slightly above freezing, and gorgeously sunny. Between the blue skies and the blue sweater, I’m a happy camper.

new sweater.

So, what’s next? I’m actually not quite sure. I’d thought I would cast on for an Owls sweater, but I’m not sure the color of Eco Wool I have would look that great on me as a solid-colored sweater (it’s a sort of light beige-grey). I originally bought it planning to use it as the main color in a colorwork sweater, and I’m leaning more in that direction. So…do I start in on the more Spring-friendly yoked cardigans, like the Tangled Yoke or Coraline? Knit one last warm textured yoke sweater, like Wisteria, before the weather warms up? Launch myself into colorwork yokes, with Aftur? You’d think limiting myself to yoked sweaters would help me narrow in on a project, but I’m still wracked with indecision!

17 thoughts on “and another!”

  1. It looks great, and I’m glad to see you so happy! I’m betting that you could get another cold-weather sweater in before we start getting warm temperatures.

  2. Whoohoo! That sweater looks so warm and cozy! Is it as soft as it appears on my computer screen too?

    I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but I am definitely not thinking about Spring yet. Although it may have something to do with the 2″ of snow I need to dig my car out from under so that I can go skiing…

  3. I love this sweater! The color and fit are just perfect. You look so happy in it!

    I think it’s safe to do one more wintery sweater; if you’ll be done quickly again, it’ll get worn some more in those upstate NY winters. And if not, you’ll have a fresh new sweater for the fall!

  4. It’s gorgeous! I don’t know how you manage to have every single one of your projects turn out perfectly. I am in awe. As far as your next sweater goes, I would love to see your interpretation of Wisteria or the Tangled Yoke.

  5. Beautiful sweater! That pretty yarn is perfect and it looks so warm and cosy. Such a flattering shape, too – you look great in it! I think another winter sweater can definitely be fitted in – I *love* Aftur and it looks like a really fun knit – maybe it’d be just the thing after such a quick project. All your options are patterns I love though, so I don’t think you could make a bad choice really!

  6. Make Coraline next! The pattern is great. I just finished mine on Friday. I need to post photos on the SAYS blog, not to mention my own.

  7. That’s a great color on you. I love the way the colors shift. Crazy since I’m usually not keen on pooling, but in this instance, I love it.

    And I’m totally voting for Coraline. Knit int he right yarn, it seems like a three-season sweater to me.

  8. what a great sweater. i am knitting the most annoying yoke sweater ever. i wonder if it is possible to return a patternbook since it didn’t really provide with a pattern for the cardi in question. if, that is what i will do. i may turn out well, but not thanks to the pattern writer.
    this is exactly what i love about jared’s patterns. you don’t have to think unless you want to.

  9. I love it — and it looks great on you! (Excellent color, too.) Well, I’m no help in your decision-making process; I want you to make them all so I can live vicariously :)

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