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another week, another FO

Not a sweater, this time, though. Remember how I used to knit socks? Well, I finally finished a pair:

socks! [365.236]

Pattern: A hybrid of what I remembered from the “Giotto” cuff pattern, and the Yarn Harlot‘s “Basic Sock Recipe”
Yarn: Fly Designs Lace Wing Sock, in “Petrol”. Way less than one skein.
Needles: Size 1 Knitpicks Harmony dpns
Time to knit: For-freaking-EVER.

These are the socks that I cast on for when we took our trip to Ohio last summer, as part of the final theme for Project Spectrum. I finished the first one at the end of September, and kept the second one in my backpack, knitting a few rows here and there. Obviously I don’t get a ton of time to knit when I’m on campus, since it took me until the end of January to finish! I actually finished them (except for kitchenering the toe shut) on Friday, during an utterly interminable meeting. My Fridays are utterly killer this semester, by the way; I go straight from 2 hours of tutoring writing, to 3 hours of a Pragmatics seminar, to 2.5 hours of lab meeting, and then we run our weekly errands. Oy!

Progress continues apace on the second Cobblestone sweater. Here’s where things stood as of this morning:

cobblestone progress

I finished the first sleeve yesterday, while we watched the first Star Trek movie (thanks, Netflix!), and got a decent start on the second one. Later today I’ll be knitting with some friends from my department, and I’m hoping to make some good progress on sleeve #2. I’ll have another yoked sweater, soon enough!

PS. I think I know what my next yoked sweater’s going to be

7 thoughts on “another week, another FO”

  1. The socks turned out great. Also, I just love the photo. It’s so cute!

    I love the Owls pattern, but just can’t get to it yet. Plus, I can’t justify buying bulky yarn when I’ve got so much other yarn in my stash. But I’m anxious to see what you come up with!

  2. Ooh, I can imagine your owl sweater is going to be just stunning. Congrats on finishing your socks! Mine from last year are still unfinished… I’m halfway through the heel flap of the first.

  3. I love those socks — they’re a great color. And the sweater’s looking good. I know how those killer meeting days can be (even though I’m feeling kind of gloaty right now, since I’ve finally gotten a sabbatical and don’t have to go to meetings for the first time in years and years). And that owl sweater is great :)

  4. cute socks!!!!! You are flying along on your sweater! I have yet to pick yarn or a pattern yet! The owls – that is too cute especially with the button eyes!

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