andrew's sweater

moving along


As you can see, the Husband Sweater v.2 is moving along quite well. At first, I was getting frustrated with how long it took me to finish a round, but then I reminded myself that I’m used to knitting sweaters for me. And I’m a pretty small person. For Andrew’s sweater, I’m aiming for a circumference of about 44″ (he’s bigger than me, and likes a fair amount of ease in his sweaters). My standard sweater-circumference is 35″ (which gives me 3.5″ of ease), so that’s an entire 11″ more worth of stitches every round on this sweater compared to what I’m used to. No wonder it’s taking longer to knit one round!

I’ve made peace with the longer trip around the needles now, though, and I’m quite enjoying this knit. Cascade 220 is such a nice, basic yarn, and I love how it feels running through my fingers. Soft, yet sturdy. And the color! I’m using “Aporto”, and it is just the most gorgeous heathered blue, with a tiny touch of green. Here’s hoping the rest of the project can remain as blissful as this.

8 thoughts on “moving along”

  1. It is the prettiest color! I used Cascade 220 for my first ever knitting; it’s what I learned on. I haven’t touched it since, but I’m not sure why. I’ll have to pick some up with Christmas money in a sweater’s worth or too. Such pretty colors!

  2. I think if I could only knit with Cascade 220 for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be unhappy. That yarn be good stuff.
    I realized one day that I’ve knit far more sweaters for men (big, tall men at that) than for me. When I finally made myself something a couple years ago, it went so FAST!

  3. It is definitely a shock to the knitting system when you suddenly are doing a sweater for a much bigger person! Cascade is such a great yarn though, you’ll breeze through it I’m sure. Great color too!

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