cambridge jacket


I’d hoped to have a very exciting post for y’all today. I spent 4 hours yesterday knitting the second sleeve of my husband’s sweater, and was excited to be so close to finishing…until he tried it on. And now this is what I have to share:

fail. [365.173]

Those balls of yarn are what used to be the Cambridge Jacket. Crap. It was just terribly unflattering, we both agreed. The body of the sweater was snug, and the sleeves were huge; even though I’d tried to mitigate that problem (which I’d heard about from others who knit the pattern) by putting the pattern’s directions aside and knitting sleeves down from the top, the fact is that the armhole in that pattern, at least in the smaller sizes, is just too big. The only way I could have fixed things would have been to rip all the way back to before the armholes on both the fronts and back, and knit them to be shorter, and we decided that if I was going to do all that work, it made more sense to just start from scratch.

So, I’m going to be designing a sweater to fit my husband perfectly. It’ll probably be somewhat similar in silhouette to what the magazine photos of the Cambridge Jacket led me to believe it would be. I’m confident I can do this. I have far more knowledge about sweater design than I did over a year ago, when I first cast-on for this sweater (no, the knitting did not take over a year…it languished in the bottom of my knitting bag for extended periods), and better skills, too. And the beautiful thing about yarn is that you can knit something up, decide it’s crap, rip it out, and be back to where you started. The yarn is still there. It’s just time that’s been lost, which is frustrating, but not the end of the world. I’d much rather spend the time to make a sweater he’d actually want to wear, than to finish up one that has no chance of ever being worn.

12 thoughts on “rip.”

  1. Oh no! So sorry to read this, but you did the right thing. It’s much better to have a well-fitting sweater, and you know how to do that on your own. Maybe a yoked sweater?

  2. Such a bummer! In the end, though, you’ll be glad you ripped. It would be far more disappointing to have spent so much time on something he never wore because the fit was strange. Maybe a top down raglan cardigan with some ribbing detail? That way you could try it on him as you went!

  3. too bad. find the sweater he owns you think suits him best and measure. we all rip once in a while and it is daunting.
    you will fix something and fast. but i know how much you have been working so it is too bad. i find it great though that you ripped when there was nothing else to do.

  4. this stinks, but he deserves the perfect sweater! i guess there was a reason his sweater was always in the hibernating pile, right? the knitting gods knew it wasn’t right!

  5. *sigh* That’s rough, but you’re right — you can reknit it to fit him perfectly. I made my husband a sweater the Christmas before we got married (when I had much less sweater-knitting experience than I do now), and it was lovely until he tried it on — definitely too snug. Unfortunately for us, it was a lovely Norwegian colorwork sweater, so there was no ripping that one! I kept it and wear it occasionally, even though it’s gigantic on me. Enjoy planning the perfect sweater for him!

  6. ooooooh, bummer!! I made the CJ for my dad and it fit him perfectly (once I fixed the crazy rolled edges at the bottom), but then my dad is a bit on the large side so maybe those roomy arms were just right. Good luck with the new version!

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