wiggle mitts

a little something.

I’m holed up in the bedroom today, in the dark, with my laptop dimmed, nursing an awful migraine. I can’t seem to get any real work done, so I thought I’d update the blog.

Hey, remember how I was not going to buy any new yarn for a very long time? Well, I sort of fell off the wagon already:

yarnhugger [365.164]

Just one skein. One skein of utterly delightful 80% merino, 20% angora handspun yarn from New Hue Handspuns. It came in the mail last week, and I could not stop hugging it, it was just so soft and cuddly. I think I needed a little pick-me-up, too.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s so my colors!

Bunny Patch Yarn

I couldn’t resist, and cast-on for a Wiggle Mitt the very next day. I finished it up on Saturday, before the migraine hit:

it's cold outside [365.167]

I love it. It is soft, and surprisingly warm, considering how lightweight the yarn is (it’s the angora, I know!). It’s the perfect little something to cheer me up and keep me warm. Now, if I could just finish its partner, that would be perfect.

(to my darling husband: I promise I will finish your sweater soon. I just needed a wee break from the big pile of stockinette!)

13 thoughts on “a little something.”

  1. Those colors are gorgeous! Love the finished mitt. Also, I really want to try knitting with an angora blend. Mitts are a great idea to keep your hands warm!

  2. Your hair looks so red in that first picture!

    Anyway, I hear it doesn’t count if you use the yarn you buy right away. That’s my school of thought, at least.

  3. Yeah wiggle mitts! I feel honored that you bent the rules and splurged on my yarn, and happy that I came across your blog. I’m glad it was a fun knit, and thanks again!
    Can’t wait to see hubby’s sweater progress.

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