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Return of the Knitting

That’s right, I have actual knitting progress to report! I’ve started the second sleeve on my husband’s sweater, and have made it most of the way through the sleeve cap:

sweater progress

There it is, laying on our driveway, in the spot where our old Honda Civic (which we finally sold last month!) used to be. If you’re in the habit of going to flickr and looking at the details for every photo I post here (which…uh, you probably aren’t!), you may have noticed that the above picture was taken with a new camera. I’m really excited about this…I’m so grateful to Adrian for sending me her old P&S so that I could continue to take pictures after I broke our camera earlier this year, but when the battery on that older P&S started to die after only a few minutes in the last couple of weeks, I knew it was time. I bought an Olympus Stylus 1010, which has essentially the same features as the glorified P&S that I broke, in a teensy-tiny package that cost less than fixing the old camera would have. Welcome to the blog, new camera:

new camera!

(It’s blue! And I got a snazzy green Gorillapod to go with it, too.) After having seen everyone else post video of their knitting technique while I couldn’t join in a few months ago, that was the first thing I wanted to do when I got this camera. So I hereby present my techniques for knitting and purling, in video form: how I knit and how I purl.

Well, that’s about all there is to report here from casa whitknits. I’m still an exhausted, busy little bee. Which isn’t stopping me from going wild on the hypothetical knitting front; I realized the other day that I have enough yarn to knit at least 8 (yes, 8) yoked sweaters (and that’s not even counting the yarn I have to knit other types of sweaters), so I’m excitedly planning a “Year of Yokes” for next year, in which I will turn all of that yarn into yoked sweaters. This would be why I’m not buying any new yarn for quite awhile, because really, 8 sweaters in a year, without having to buy any yarn? That’s plenty!

7 thoughts on “Return of the Knitting”

  1. oh yes i know this thing. enough yarn for forever sort of. i love yoked sweaters and i have taken a liking in cabled yokes. i so much want to knit kate gilbert’s wisteria as i think it is very clever.

    congrats on your new camera.

  2. Congrats on the camera! It’s very cute. I love the idea of a year of yokes. I’m planning my first design ever (yikes!) and it’s a yoked sweater. Guess I better knit one to try it out first!

  3. hmmm… Never say never! Yarn has a tendency to appear in your stash whether you remember buying it or not. It’s one of those strange knitting phenomenons.

  4. Very ambitious plans, 8 yoked sweaters in 1 year! And as for yarn appearing in your stash, as long as you don’t attend any “yarn tastings” or other such enticements you MIGHT make to spring/summer before succumbing to the siren call of yarn/fiber. Of course, it is almost a year until the Hemlock Festival comes around again.

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