Yes We DID!

Yes We DID!  [365.149]

Last night wasn’t perfect. For one, Californians seem to have voted to support bigotry, and that breaks my heart.


We just elected Barack Obama to be our next president!

I’m wearing a white shirt today. My family has always had a tradition, after an election, of wearing black if things didn’t go our way, as a way of mourning what could have been. I first remember doing this when Harvey Gantt lost to Jesse Helms down in NC in 1990 (I was 7). I tend to credit Helms with destroying my faith in humanity, during that campaign (though having learned, a couple years earlier, what “trickle down economics” meant, and that Reagan and his followers believed in it, had already done some serious damage to it). To see someone be so awful, and use such blatantly racist advertising during their campaign, and for that person to win…it certainly shattered my little 7-year-old sense of justice.

And now we just elected a man named Barack Obama to be our next president. I almost wish Helms were still alive so that he could see this, see people reject, at least in part, his brand of hate and bigotry. And to see me wearing my celebratory white shirt. Take that, you bastard!

We just gave ourselves a calm, intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful, deliberative, rational, reasonable president…what a change. I have hope, after 8 years (the entirety of my adult life) of watching one awful atrocity after another be committed by my own government and feeling so hopeless and helpless to stop them. I’m so freaking happy today. And I love you all.

I promise, I’ll bring back the knitting soon. I’m not big on hiding my politics (I’m a flaming liberal and I’m not ashamed of it!), but I also don’t intend for this to become a political blog. I’m just too happy for my country right now to think about anything else.

Thank you, and good luck, President-Elect Obama.

7 thoughts on “Yes We DID!”

  1. I think we can forgive the lack of knitting content when it is something as important and awesome as this. :)

    You know, as hurtful as it was to see that prop 8 got passed, it is a bit reassuring to me to see how many people (straight people) the results royally pissed off. Thanks for your support!

  2. That’s my favorite Obama shirt I’ve seen – I want one! Huzzah for America, except that I’d like to kick a slim majority of Californian voters. If they don’t want to be leaders of equality and tolerance, I’ll just look to Massachusetts for leadership instead.

  3. yay! yay! yay obama! i’m been an emotional, but happy wreck all week!

    boo california! i’m so spoiled living in mass. we’re pretty used to being able to marry whomever we choose. i can’t imagine having my choice to marry being taken away.

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