I’m interrupting the knitting content on this blog (what am I talking about? Has there been serious knitting content lately?) to implore everyone (well, everyone who lives in the US) to please, please, please:

vote!  [365.147]

You’re free to laugh at my sad attempt to render the Obama font/logo in crayon, just so long as you vote! If you haven’t already early/absentee-voted, please go to the polls and vote tomorrow. It’s so important. This site will tell you where your polling place is, in case you don’t already know. Bring your knitting with you; the lines could be long!

11 thoughts on “vote!”

  1. I will be voting in the morning. Dad and I are taking an 87 year old neighbor to the polls – hope the line isn’t too long! This is so exciting!

    p.s. cute pic

  2. Ann and I will be voting in the morning – and then celebrating with your parents in the evening!!

    (Love the crayon Vote picture!)

  3. it is so strange that all of you americans beg people to vote on your blogs. here in denmark i think 88 percent of us vote. but we don’t have to sign up and that is probably part of it and a great thing in order to ensure democracy.

    i hope for change in america as it will affect all of us. and i hope for obama since i am so infatuated with him and i get sentimental whenever i hear him speak. he says clever clever things and is never mainstream..

  4. my 2yo got up at 5:15 this morning, so we were ready to vote by 7:30! And then we did. We had to wait for 20 minutes, which was fine and actually inspiring since we’ve never had to wait at our polling place before. I’m feeling quite optimistic this time around – finally!

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