a finished project, but not the expected one.


Today is my beloved husband’s birthday (Happy Birthday, my love!). So y’all might have thought I’d have his sweater finished, like I said I would. Alas, I fell a bit short on that front:

husband's sweater

I’m only partway through the first sleeve. I just can’t knit fast enough these days, given how busy, and consequently very tired, I’ve been. But one thing I am learning as part of this whole “coping with chronic illness” thing is that beating myself up over deadlines like that is just so not worth it. He’ll get his sweater. He’ll get it soon, too. And I did manage to make him a delicious apple cake, so there’s that.

Part of what has kept me so busy is that today is also the date of my first Symphony Orchestra concert. And that leads me to the project that actually did get finished this week:

this time you can see the bottom

(My apologies for the terrible picture; it’s very difficult to take a full-length photo of onesself indoors, when the only room that gets light is the small loft upstairs, without a tripod and with a very old P&S.)

When I realized I would need either black pants or an ankle-length black skirt for our performance, and that my petite size made it very difficult to find either of these things ready-made, I asked my friend Kris (who helped me make curtains, last year) if she’d help me sew a skirt. We picked out some fabulous fabric, a pattern, and set off. She did all of the pinning and cutting, and the bottom hem as well, but showed me how to install an invisible zipper, and I actually did that part myself, as well as the side seams, and the handstitched waistband. I’m quite proud of our team effort on this skirt! So that’s my finished project, about to be put to use in our first concert of the season. I’m a little bit nervous, not having performed in an orchestra in so many years now, but I hope it goes well. Wish us luck, tonight!