hello, autumn.

autumn [365.118]

Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the crispness of the air, the way the sunlight looks this time of year…everything. I’ve been trying to get outside a bit to enjoy it, despite my unusually busy schedule these past few weeks. I don’t think I’ve mentioned here yet that I was recently hired to be a Writing Consultant in my university’s Writing Center. I’m absolutely thrilled about the job; working with writers is something I’ve always loved doing, and I know I have a talent for it, too. In addition to that, I’m TAing a statistics lab for the first time, which I’m also enjoying, despite how busy it keeps me. I love working with students, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find a more teaching-oriented job once I’m ready to go looking for one. I’m also trying to get several experiments up and running, which is exciting but also stressful. And I’m in a symphony again, which is also fantastic…but the combination of all of these things is making for a difficult two weeks, as I’m being trained for my new job at the same time as we’re gearing up for our first symphony concert, and my stats students are beginning their research projects. Tomorrow I will be on campus for 13 straight hours. Oy! Add to that a visit from the in-laws this weekend (they helped us put in a new door), and this little introvert is feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed, and even the beautiful autumn weather can’t make it all better.

So, as I always do in such times, I turn to my knitting. I put together the fronts and back of my husband’s sweater this weekend, and am ready to start the sleeves, but then I saw this. And y’all, I have to make one. I’ve even got some solitary skeins of Malabrigo just sitting around, waiting for a project:

my malabrigo stash

I’ve decided that skein in the middle will become Pauline. But I couldn’t stop just with that. The other two, I’ve decided, will become Beech Wood Cowls, to be gifted for the holidays (October is totally a reasonable time to start thinking about holiday gifts!). I even cast-on for one of them today, and I suspect it might supersede my “office sock” as my project for those moments at the office when I don’t feel like thinking.

I really ought to be working on my husband’s sweater, though…his birthday is in less than 2 weeks now! And next weekend I’ll be going apple picking (gathering some local apples from which to make an apple cake for his birthday…apples are another wonderful thing about autumn!) and finishing up the skirt that I’m making (with the help of a good friend) to wear for symphony concerts, so I won’t have too much time then, either!

I fear my posting here will be rather sporadic for the forseeable future, but I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated from time to time. Happy autumn, all of you.