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a sock!

What better way to both close out Project Spectrum (I almost typed “Project Runway”, because that’s what I’m watching on TV right now!), and welcome Socktoberfest, than with this:

The sock.

A sock! Namely, the sock I started while I was in Ohio, with WATER-themed yarn, for Project Spectrum. I’ve been knitting on it at my office, but brought it home with me this past weekend, because I like to try the sock on while I finish the toe, and I felt like it might be nice to spare my dear officemates the experience of my bare feet after a day in socks and shoes that they would have to endure should I try on a sock-in-progress while at the office. It turns out I’m pretty darn good at eyeballing the length of a sock, as I’d stopped at exactly the right distance from the end of my toes before starting the decreases at home. It’s a perfect fit for my smaller foot (which is the one for which I tend to knit the first sock of a pair, for some reason):

the classic "foot-to-foot"

So, there’s that. I still haven’t cast on for its partner yet; I’ve had a crazily busy week, and just haven’t found the time to do that while I’m at the office.

But no worries, there has been other progress on the knitting front…I just bound off for the fronts of my husband’s sweater about 15 minutes ago! My plan is to put the fronts and back together (to make a vest), and pick up and complete the collar before continuing on to the sleeves, which I plan to pick up and knit from the top down so that I can make adjustments to the length and width. I’ve got a couple of weeks left to finish it before his birthday…wish me luck!

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