icarus shawl

all but the blocking

We had some hideous weather yesterday. Nearly 90 degrees, extremely humid…probably the leftovers from Ike making his way north. In any case, we were forced to fire up our A/C one last time, which gave me the perfect excuse to plop myself down in our somewhat cool (we never cool our house below 78) living room and knit away. The end result of my day of knitting was this:

icarus, unblocked

Notice anything? There aren’t any needles in that picture! That’s right, I finished Icarus yesterday! Here it is, in all its crumply unblocked glory:

icarus, unblocked

I love it. I wrapped myself in it last night after I finished, dangling ends and all, and it was just lovely. I had to break into the second skein of the Baby yarn just for the bind-off row (which took forever to complete…an entire episode of Iron Chef America, in fact). I was so disappointed to come so close only to have to do that! But c’est la vie…and now I have an almost-full skein of Baby in that gorgeous green leftover. Perhaps I can make a lacy scarf for my mom?

Here’s one last shot, a closeup of the beautifully crumply texture of the edge lace:

icarus, unblocked

Now I’m just waiting for the blocking wire kit I ordered to arrive, so that I can give it a good bath and open up all those lovely lace stitches. I’m so excited to have a shawl for myself! And my husband is excited, too, because finishing my shawl means I’ll be turning my attention to his sweater. This coming Saturday we’ll be heading down to Hemlock, NY for the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, which I’m also very excited about. I’ll be sure to post about that, too!

8 thoughts on “all but the blocking”

  1. Oh oh oh, how lovely. What a beautiful green! My blocking kit just arrived today (knitpicks) and I can’t wait to try it out tonight. I have a lace stole that just didn’t block well with pins.

  2. it’s beautiful! i am obsessed with that color. that stinks that you had to break into that second skein…i hate it when that happens! but i have no doubt you’ll be able to use the rest of that second skein for something marvelous!

  3. The color is great. I am knitting a shawl right now…I should have picked Icarus…or anything else… I can’t wait to see this blocked–the color is going to really make it stand out.

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