icarus shawl

slow and steady

Things are going well here at casa whitknits. My semester is off to a good start, and I have so far been doing a good job of balancing my greater-than-a-normal-person’s need for rest with productive work. Slow and steady, that’s sort of my mantra for getting myself back to work after the awful year of illness and injury that I had last year.

Slow and steady is serving me well in my knitting, as well. Since the last time I posted, I’ve completed all but the last chart of Icarus:

Icarus Progress, Closeup

Despite the fact that each row now contains over 400 stitches, and takes quite awhile to knit across, I’m still enjoying the knitting immensely. I love how well I’m able to “read” my own lace knitting now. In hopes of finishing in time to block it before the weekend of the fiber festival (which is not this coming weekend, but the one after that), I’m trying to knit at least two rows every evening, if not four, which is totally doable; I just knit while the news plays in the background in the evenings. This evening, however, I won’t be doing that, because I’ll be at my first Symphony rehearsal!

So, before I head off to prep dinner so that I can make it to rehearsal on time, I’ll leave y’all with one last photo, of Icarus-in-progress resting on our porch railing:

Icarus Progress

7 thoughts on “slow and steady”

  1. The shawl looks beautiful!

    You’re going to have to let me know what repertoire you guys are working on in rehearsal. Mine doesn’t start for another few weeks, but I know we’re jumping right in with the Firebird Suite. Wish me luck! haha

  2. Slow and steady’s the best way to go. With 400 stitches, you may want to use a lifeline. And like everyone, I do love that gorgeous color!

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