oh, hi!

I didn’t mean to ignore the blog for more than two weeks! Whoops. I guess that happens when you finish a big project, and then almost immediately take off on a week-long visit with family only to come back with an injured knee (patellar tendonitis, brought on by doing too much walking at zoo with the funny limp I get when the nerve business is acting up in my left leg) and a bunch of academic business to resolve. It’s been a draining couple of weeks, and I don’t have terribly much to share on the knitting front (but I do have some!).

So, to start myself back up again, how about a wordle? I just put my blog feed in, and here’s what I got:

wordle for my blog

You can tell I’ve been talking a lot about ganseys, eh?

So, what else have I been up to? Well, I decided against bringing the Bog Jacket to Ohio with me (just too bulky to be practical on a trip, even if we were driving), and instead brought Icarus, which is now only a little more than one repeat shy of the beginning of the fancier lace section:

icarus progress

I also brought along some yarn that I’d found while digging through my stash before we left for Ohio, some sock yarn in perfect Project Spectrum colors, and started a sock:

petrol sock

I actually knit the cuff (which is from the “Giotto” pattern by Anna Bell) at my in-law’s house, leaving myself some good old plain stockinette-in-the-round to knit during the brief periods of awakeness in the car on the way home.

Since getting back, my focus has been on my husband’s sweater, where I’ve very nearly reached the end of the back:

andrew's sweater

I’m definitely enjoying knitting with the Cascade 220. I loved the yarn I used for my gansey, which was much more rustic and wooly, but this softer, smoother stuff is hitting the spot pretty perfectly right now. And the color couldn’t be more perfect for Project Spectrum, either! I’m hoping at some point to finish one of my larger projects off, so that I can cast-on for another PS-oriented sweater (in this case, a purple Forecast) in Cascade 220 without too much guilt over the number of current works-in-progress. We’ll see.

I may write up a WATER-themed post for Project Spectrum sometime soon, but other than that, I have no idea how much I’ll be posting in the next few weeks. In a little over a month, my husband and I are planning to visit the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, since it is only a short drive from where we live, so if any of y’all, dear readers, are planning to attend (which is probably unlikely, given that not that many of you are Upstate New Yorkers), let me know!

8 thoughts on “oh, hi!”

  1. I love the Icarus. It’s really beautiful! I’m anxious to see the Cambridge jacket, too. I love that pattern and am thinking of making one for myself.

  2. i’ve had icarus in my queue for so long! i love the color you chose. when did you start hubby’s sweater? i also have yet to work with cascade 220…need to remedy that! how are you feeling?

  3. Love the colors you are using for both your husband’s sweater and the sock. (I enjoy the cool side of the spectrum) I have been debating with myself about going to the Hemlock Fiber Festival. I most likely would be going by myself and therein lies the debate – drive the 40 miles alone and maybe spend money on fiber or stay home and work on WIPS?

  4. Lovely projects! I’m glad I found your blog. I like the Wordle too. I need to figure out how to save mine so I can put it on my blog.

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