le tour de gansey part deux, tour de france knitalong

my camera is dead.

It is with great sadness that I bring you what could very well be the last picture ever taken on my beloved Olympus SP500UZ camera:

so close.

Just after I took this picture of the wonderful progress I’ve made on the gansey (only about 1/2 a sleeve left in Stage 9!), one of my cats placed himself under my foot as I was stepping down off the bed, and I fell pretty hard trying not to crush him. My hip is going to be bruised (thankfully I don’t seem to have done anything to worsen my back, which seems like a miracle), but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that I dropped my camera, very hard, right on the (extended, because I hadn’t yet turned the camera off) lens. Now it will only make unhappy grinding noises, and say “zoom error” before turning itself off. I am heartbroken; I was just learning to use all of the features on this camera to take nice pictures, mostly thanks to the 365 project, but also thanks to trying to do justice to the coverage of my gansey knitting. And now my camera is dead. And I am heartbroken.

On a knitting note, I’m not sure what this means for the remainder of my Tour de Gansey coverage. I do still intend to finish knitting it, but may not be able to actually document it. My cell phone has a camera, but it’s a really lousy one. I’m just not sure what I’ll do. We don’t really have the money to buy a new camera right now; maybe in a couple of months, but not right now. C’est la vie, I suppose. If John-Lee Augustyn can go tumbling over the edge of a mountain, lose his bike, wait forever to be brought a new one, and still go on the attack today, then I can manage this setback, too.

7 thoughts on “my camera is dead.”

  1. That really stinks! I hope you can get one to replace it, even if for a short-term fix. Maybe second-hand?

  2. how sad!! at least we have most of the gansey in pictures….you write great descriptions though, so even with no pictures, we can see it!

  3. Oooooooh! My sympathies…though I have to say I think it’s best that your camera took the brunt of the fall instead of you. Still, I hope it can be fixed.
    Even if you can’t take pictures, post those updates, will ya?

  4. Oh no, poor camera! I am glad you weren’t badly hurt, though. We’ll just imagine your sleeve progress, and you’re certainly an able-bodied writer who can do the job with words.

    I adore your gansey, by the way. I’ve decided to knit my husband a New Zealand sweater (Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern) that has the vented garter hem in common with a gansey, and I’m wanting to use the Channel Islands CO to make it even more ganseyish. I’ll be showing Adam pictures of yours – surely if it was manly enough for all those generations of fishermen he won’t mind a little picot edge? I sold him on Yorkshire Tweed in Wild Plum, after all…

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