le tour de gansey part deux, tour de france knitalong

le Tour de Gansey, part deux: a preview of what’s to come

I don’t have any new knitting to show off for le Tour de Gansey, but I do have something to show y’all:

gansey sleeve preview

Just a bit ago, I charted out my plans for the shoulder strap and sleeve pattern motif areas. I’m borrowing the cables from the gansey body, but placing them immediately next to each other to get a different effect. I’m also carrying over the bars of purls motif from the body. The mountains motif would not have worked on the smaller amount of space available on the sleeves, so I decided to fill in the remaining stitches with diagonal lines of purls that would at least be reminiscent of the mountain slopes.

I am just about to begin the shoulder straps as I type this, so expect some more Tour de Gansey coverage soon!

Oh, by the way, to my complete delight, my Intermediate Sprint post is a finalist in the knitalong “competition”! If you enjoyed it, it certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you put in a vote for me (but of course, you should read all of the other finalists and make your own decision, as I’ve got some great competition!)

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