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le Tour de Gansey, part deux: Stage Six

Wow, wasn’t that quite the exciting stage this morning in the Tour de France? I know I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I pretty much always enjoy the mountain stages. Today’s stage of le Tour de Gansey is pretty exciting, too, I think…

Stage Six: Shaped Neckline

That’s right, I’ve reached the neckline! I decided to do a shaped neckline on this gansey, rather than the unshaped, slit-style neckline of the Sampler Gansey I knit last year. Thanks to my experience with Syncopated Ribs, I’ve learned that slit/boatneck style necklines just do not work on me. Shaped necklines aren’t completely untraditional in a gansey, but the more standard approach, I think, is a slit with gussets to make more space for the head to fit through. I know I’ll be happier with a shaped neckline, though! Here’s what it looks like:

Shape Neckline

I bound off 15% of the body stitches in the center, which by happy accident, was exactly the number of stitches in the mountain peaks motif (well, technically it was 0.9 stitches more than that, but somehow I don’t think it’ll matter too much!). I then decreased 2.5% of the body stitches on either side of the center, decreasing every other row.

Here’s the backside:

Shape Neckline

No shaping here…just knitting straight up until I reach the shoulder. And with that, I’ve caught my Tour de Gansey coverage up to my actual knitting progress!

Next up are the shoulder straps, which will rest on the tops of my shoulders, connecting the front to the back; then I’ll pick up stitches and knit down the sleeves. But it might be a bit until I can post about that; I realized last week that I have somehow misplaced my full set of size 8 dpns, so I went ahead and ordered a set of Harmony dpns (and, um, a few other needles) from Knitpicks, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to have a set that matched the circulars I’m using for this project, which I love. So now I’m at Knitpicks mercy! If they take too much longer to deliver them, I may give Magic Loop a try (the cables on the Knitpicks circulars are pretty flexible, so it might be ok). But I figure at the very least, while the cyclists are having their rest day tomorrow, I can have a break, too. I’ll be on campus all day tomorrow anyway, in meetings and such. Wish me luck with that…my back has suddenly started hurting really badly again, so I’m hoping I can make it through a 9 hour day without easy access to ice or a place to lay on my belly.

Anyway, until knitting on the Tour de Gansey resumes, I’ll leave y’all with this:

Gansey Body Complete.

A completed gansey body, finished within the first week of the Tour. Not bad, eh?


10 thoughts on “le Tour de Gansey, part deux: Stage Six”

  1. Well you are just racing through this thing, aren’t you? I highly recommend trying out magic loop. I use it for absolutely everything! (except socks) and it is so wonderful to be able to knit varying circumferences with one circular.

  2. Go for the magic loop – I do it with my knitpicks needles all the time!!!! it’s looking great! i can’t believe how fast it’s knitting up!

  3. wow, you’re so far along! sorry to hear your back’s hurting again :( have you been able to ride your new bike at all? good luck tomorrow!

  4. Gorgeous! I especially appreciate the way you kept the cables going as you decreased for the sides of the neck – it looks very crisp and clean and I think it will help keep the neck from stretching out, too. The color is to die for.

  5. You’re really speedy! I’m glad that you shaped the neckline to something that works better for you. That’s what knitting is all about IMO :)

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