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Le Tour de Gansey, part deux: Stage One!

Today the Tour de Gansey began with a short, but technical stage:

Stage One: Cast-On

The particular cast-on I’ve chosen to use in my gansey is the same one used in the Sampler Gansey I knit last year, the Channel Island Cast On. This cast-on utilizes a double strand of yarn, wrapped twice counterclockwise around the thumb, and a single strand held over the index finger:


(my apologies for the wacktastic lighting and unflattering camera angle on these photos; I did the best I could given the lack of good light and lack of tripod)

After catching the single strand, you take the needle up through the doubled loops on your thumb, and then catch the single strand again. You cast-on two stitches at a time this way, one with a sort of “knot” under it:


You pull the single strand through the doubled loop, and tension both the doubled strands and the single strand evenly to create the two stitches:


Here’s what it looks like when you’ve done a few. See the knots below every other stitch?


Here it is closeup:


And with that, Stage One is completed! Stay tuned for coverage of Stage Two: Garter Welts!

(full disclosure: I’ve knit so much today that I’m already a good way through Stage Three, but I’m still splitting everything out into the original stages. What can I say, between watching the Tour, and watching the Track & Field Olympic Trials, I’ve had a lot of good knitting time today! Oh, and also, I got a bike!)


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