le tour de gansey part deux, tour de france knitalong

more gansey planning!

Two posts in as many days? What sort of craziness is this? I just couldn’t help but post again, because I’m sort of ridiculously delighted with myself. I’m so eager to knit this sweater that I’m doing everything I possibly can besides cast-on (which has to wait until Saturday!), and yesterday afternoon, I did this:

Gansey Planning

What you see there is my chart of the motifs I’m going to use for the patterned area of the gansey. There are a couple of mistakes in it, which I’ll correct when I knit it. The 26-stitch repeat on the right side of the picture will be mirrored on the other side of the 21-stitch chevron section, adding up to 73 stitches, which (not accidentally) is the number of stitches in half of my sweater, given my gauge. I designed that middle section to evoke mountains, both because I love mountains, and also because of the Tour. I could probably make up cycling-themed interpretations for the other bits (ie, the cables as tires, the bars of purls as tire tracks, etc), but really, I just think they look nice. There is one other Tour-inspired motif, though:

Gansey Planning

A wheel! This motif is going to be inside my “definition ridge” (the section that marks the border between the lower plain area and the upper patterned area). I like how it can be interpreted as cycling-related (the wheel of a bike) or maritime-related (the wheel of a ship). There’s a mistake here, too…one of the purl stitches in the spokes is out of place, but again, I’ll fix that when I knit it.

All that’s left to do is to figure out which of the motifs I want to carry onto the upper area of the sleeves, and how I want to do so. Then there’s really nothing left to do other than cast-on…so I hope I can hold out until Saturday!

9 thoughts on “more gansey planning!”

  1. I’m so excited to see how this turns out! I didn’t join the KAL this year, though I wanted to. Basically, we don’t have cable, so it would be tough to watch the tour at all. I can’t wait to see this gansey come alive, though. Your design is so creative and inspiring!

  2. It looks fantastic! I like the mountains and wheels, they’re going to look really cool. On another note, what is that cable symbol you’re using?

  3. what a great time of planning. that is half the way sometimes. i love swatching for instance and keep all the swatches just for sentimental reasons.

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