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getting ready

I took the Bog Jacket out of time-out thanks to everyone’s reassurances that it will grow when I block it, just like my swatch told me. I’ve already made it past the “thumb trick” section, and am knitting across the sleeves:

Bog Jacket progress

(Yeah, it looks a little weird at this stage). I’ve reached a point where I need to make a decision, though. Namely, do I want a contrasting band over the shoulders, as in some of the Bog Jackets in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s books? Or do I just want a solid-colored Bog, with contrasting i-cord edges? I’m leaning towards solid, I think, but would love to hear other people’s opinions. I’m still left with another question, which is whether I want the edges to be dark or light:

Closeup of possible contrast colors

The color on the left is “Marsh Sedge” (a dark green), and the color on the right is “Arrowleaf Balsamroot” (a light blue-green). I could see going either way. Thoughts? I’ve got plenty of time to decide, anyway, since I am about to embark on 3 weeks of serious project monogamy, and the Bog Jacket is not going to be my one-and-only. Nope, it’s time for:

Le Tour de Gansey, part deux!

I joined the Tour de France Knitalong again, and this year, I’ve got a very ambitious goal: in place of the tiny sampler gansey I knit as part of the Polka-Dot Jersey competition last year, I want to apply all those skills I gained and knit a me-sized gansey. Now, I am a pretty tiny person, as far as grown-up people go, but that’s still going to be a lot of knitting…a Green Jersey worthy sprint if I can make it, for sure! In preparation, I’ve already swatched, and in the last few days have gotten serious about planning everything out:

le Tour de Gansey, part deux

Here’s a closeup of the cartoon I’ve drawn of my gansey-to-be, complete with messy notes:

Gansey Cartoon

And here’s a closeup of the list of stages in this Tour de Gansey:

my tour schedule

(I just noticed that I apparently have very strange ideas about numbers, and have decided that the second sleeve is “Sleeve #3”. Oops!). It’s an ambitious plan, for sure, and I’m not entirely sure I can do it during the timespan of the Tour. But hey, it’s a challenge, and even if I don’t finish on schedule, I’ll still get a cool traditional gansey out of it in the end.

I embark on Saturday, just like the cyclists in the real Tour. I’ll doodle around with my other works in progress until then, but once Saturday hits, it’s gonna be all-gansey, all-the-time around these parts. I’m excited!

9 thoughts on “getting ready”

  1. wow. that is quite the tour! it’s going to be amazing though.

    i’d go with the light – I think it really makes the green look nice!

  2. I love this post. The gansey planning catapults me back to the days when I designed and knit one for my father – the same book, the same graph paper process. And I’m so enraptured by the colors of the yarn for the bog jacket that it’s all I can do not to click over and buy some of that scrumptious yarn RIGHTNOW. For what it’s worth, dark borders are more practical because they won’t show the grim that edges tend to accumulate, and they’ll really draw your eye and frame the piece. I’m drawn to the Ravelry examples that use a high contrast edging.

    That said, I really love the Arrowleaf Balsamroot with the main color. I’d be tempted to go for a sporty look and incorporate a narrow light stripe across the front and back (and down the sleeves) just above the bust. And then knit up a cowl with the beautiful AB leftovers.

  3. LOL@ sleeve #3. That would be my plan for knitting a sweater on a timeline — budget in time to knit at least one sleeve twice, because I always have to.

    I hate sleeves.

  4. Oh, I’ve been waiting to see you start your gansey! I’m very excited to see it. Regarding the bog, everyone seems to like the light color, but I vote for the dark. Just my personal opinion.

  5. Hi
    I had never heard of a gansey before. But of course, Google to the rescue, and we find it also as Guernsey, of course! Silly me.
    I’m a Quick.Step/Stitch team mate for the KAL, and look forward to watching your work progress.
    ( btw My younger daughter is an incipient Computational Linguist (in her 5th = honours year at Sydney Uni). Your combination of academic interests seems quite sensible to me.)

  6. i like the light color for the edges (hmm, looks a lot like the child’s tomten i just finished but haven’t yet blogged).

    and the tour gansey? SO cool!! i love the wheel.

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