bog jacket, icarus shawl

moment of truth

I’ve knit quite a bit on the Bog Jacket in the last few days. I knit on it while watching two hours of Doctor Who, followed by the end of the Tour de Suisse on Sunday (I’m gearing up for the Tour de France!), and in the evenings while we watched Countdown all week. I’ve had a nagging feeling about how it was turning out, though, so I was a bit dismayed to find out that my subconscious might have a point:

what to do? [365.22]

I mean, it’s not ridiculously tiny or anything, and if I tug on the edges, they’ll meet in the middle…but I’m thinking I don’t want a jacket that I’m going to have to be tugging on all the time. I’m trying to figure out where I went wrong. I based my cast-on number off of a washed gauge swatch, and I do know it will grow slightly when I wash it, but I’m not sure that’ll be enough. I think there are two things I failed to take into account in doing the math: first of all, “fitted” for a jacket is a different thing than “fitted” for a pullover, and second of all, the chunkiness of the yarn is eating up some of the ease I’d planned in. But maybe I’m just not trusting my swatch enough. It did grow and relax a bit after I washed it, after all. Anyway, the jacket is going into time-out for awhile, while I decide whether I want to rip and start over, or continue and hope that it all works out.

But that’s ok, because something else has hopped on my needles in its place already. Yesterday, this delightful stuff arrived in the mail:

Dream in Color Baby

It’s Dream in Color Baby (their laceweight, which is more of a light fingering weight), in Spring Tickle, which I got on discount thanks to The Loopy Ewe’s Summer Knitalong. Ever since I knit the shawl for my sister-in-law, I’ve wanted to make one for myself, and when I saw Mick’s Icarus Shawl, I was smitten. And once I got the yarn balled up, I just couldn’t help myself:

I couldn't help myself

I’m absolutely loving how the Spring Tickle colorway is knitting up. The pattern is really quite simple and intuitive, at least in this section; it’s mainly stockinette, with some columns of yarnovers lightening things up.

But this newest purchase brought with it another “moment of truth”, so to speak. Y’all, I have too much yarn. I know, I know, some of you will say there is no such thing, but I’ve basically run out of places I can put yarn that my cat can’t get into (I’ve talked about how much he loves to eat anything that even resembles string, right?). It’s a problem. So anyway, I’m making a rule. No buying new yarn, with two possible exceptions, for at least a year. This is not going to be a hardship, as I have plenty of yarn to knit projects one right after another for at least that long. And a year from now, I’ll take stock of where I am, and decide what to do next.

The exceptions? I’m one ball short of Patons Classic Merino for making an Aftur sweater out of the leftovers from my Bohus Yoke last year. And I might allow myself to get the yarn to make a Circles Yoke Pullover (which just appeared on the back cover of my Valley Yarns catalog), a sweater I’ve been madly in love with ever since last year when I first saw it in yarnbee‘s Ravelry projects page. But I might wait on that. I don’t know…I really love the original colors for it, and I’m always paranoid that the colors I want will get discontinued before I get around to knitting it (which is part of how I came to have too much yarn in the first place!). We’ll see.

11 thoughts on “moment of truth”

  1. Why don’t you try gently washing (or even spray-blocking) the jacket-in-progress? That would give you an idea of how much give there is — potential energy, if you will — hidden in all that garter, and might help you decide whether to frog or slog.

    It looks great so far. I really like the color. Oh, how I wish I was allowed to knit. Stupid wrist.

  2. I agree with Eva. Block what you’ve got and see what happens. Bigger pieces of knitting are more likely to grow with their own weight, so you’ve got a shot at not having to rip it out.

    Hooray on having a comrad in the “not buying yarn” thing. I’ve been successful so far (except for one ball of wool I had to get to finish a sweater, but I think that’s okay), though I have to tell ya,the stuff gets even more tempting when it’s verboten!

  3. I’ve been on a yarn diet for half a year now, and it has actually been quite fun. And makes me feel better about myself. Your shawl looks great, I love the colour!

  4. I’m knitting my own bog, and have run into the exact same situation. But I am convincing myself that it’ll be fine once blocked. My swatch did grow considerably once it was washed and blocked, so I’m hoping the jacket will do the same. Fingers crossed!

    Dream in Colour is so dreamy! Your shawl will be gorgeous!

  5. I’d try blocking it – I bet you can easily get another inch or two out of it….don’t give up hope!!

    What color Patons do you need? I have a couple colors laying around (1/2 and 3/4 balls) that I’m not using….

  6. ooohhhh i see lots of green and i like it! i think you should trust your swatch. i’m sure it will end up fitting perfectly, and you can always add a border if push comes to shove. also, i’ve been on a yarn diet since january and haven’t bought any yarn except for four balls to make a gift for my friend’s daughter. it’s actually been fairly easy because i have enough in my stash to get by as well! i was just burning too much money on yarn and decided it’s not good to impulse buy.

  7. *might* give the tour a try this year (cause i love chipotle’s) been jaded by all the controversy – also, have fallen off the dr who bandwagon since eccleston(sp?) left…

  8. Oooh, love the new lace shawl! that color is so pretty. and yea for Aftur! it is so easy and fast. i too love the Circle Yoke. I was happy to see it in the WEBS catalog.

  9. Wow, that Spring Tickle colorway is GORGEOUS!!! Am wanting to grab it through my computer screen and run away with it.
    I think the jacket will probably grow quite a bit–garter stitch REALLY expands when wet. My bog grew a bit more than I was anticipating, but it’s still nice and snuggly. :)

  10. I’m so flattered that you found my shawl inspiring! I really love the color you chose; those short bursts of different, brownish greens look really beautiful.

    I hope that a pre-emptive block will help with the Bog Situation.

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