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Syncopated Ribs!

Well, the weather did not oblige me, and decided to be stormy today despite my desire to go up to the beach to take pictures of my newest handknit sweater. Oh well. I made the best of things, and settled on our still-pretty (if crazily overgrown) backyard for the purpose of photographing myself wearing it:

Syncopated Ribs, front view

Here are the details:

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Syncopated Ribs, from Fall 2004 IK (with modified cowl neckline, because I hated the original neck).
Yarn: Rowan Cork, in "Bug". 8 skeins or so, I think.
Needles: size 9 Denise circular.
Time to knit: about 6 months (not solid, obviously).

Oh my goodness, I love this sweater. Love love love. I’m so happy with the neckline modifications I made; the original neckline looked ridiculously bad on me, so I’m glad I was able to turn it into something flattering. Silly me didn’t think to take any good closeup shots of the neckline (or a picture of the sweater by itself, for that matter) and I’m just not feeling up to doing anything about that right now, so sometime later this week I’ll try to get some better pictures and go into more detail about how I altered the neckline. My only other modification was to cast on 6 extra stitches at the end of each arm, to account for my monkey arms. I absolutely adore this color on me (yeah, it’s bright, but I like bright sometimes!), and the Cork is oh-so-comfortable (why does everything I like have to get discontinued?).

In short, I am pleased as punch with my new sweater. Yay!

14 thoughts on “Syncopated Ribs!”

  1. I love the color and the sweater. (The gal wearing it ain’t to bad either.) Glad to see that you survived the flooded rivers and hope the back is recovering back to where you were before all that sitting. (Buses can be a pain all round, even for the driver. Ask how I know.)

  2. Your sweater looks great! I wish I could have tried out that yarn before it was discontinued, although maybe it’s better I don’t know what I’m missing…

  3. I really love the sweater. It looks great on you! As soon as I saw the picture, I knew I wanted to figure out how you did the neckline and finish the sweater I’m working on in the same way. Looking forward to your next post. Thank you in advance.

    A Dutch knitter

  4. Fabulous! It looks perfect for early summer mornings when the day hasn’t quite warmed up yet. And perfect for sitting out in the garden, too! Beautiful work, especially in the neck mods.

  5. Eeee!!!! That sweater is soooo cute! I think you are right about the color, it looks great on you (especially with your hair!) and I think having a few bright sweaters is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. I love the neckline that you put on this and I can’t wait to read your post about the modifications you made!

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