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Pretty Peach Rose

I made it home in one rather bedraggled piece a couple of days ago, and found some new roses had bloomed for me. Isn’t that one lovely?

Thanks to the disaster that was my return trip (which I feel sort of horrible for complaining about, since the whole reason it was a disaster was because other people’s homes and towns were underwater), I am pretty seriously under the weather right now. C’est la vie. I’m way behind on blog-reading (I didn’t read blogs much at all while on vacation), so please let me know if I’ve missed something exciting/tragic/etc. I don’t feel up to making much of a thoughtful post, but I did do a little bit of knitting while I was up in MN, so I’ll try to at least get myself caught up.

I finished the Picot Pebble Purse Socks on the stormy evening of my brother’s birthday, and photographed them the next morning:

Finished Socks

I really, really like them. The yarn (Shibui’s Sock yarn in “Pebble”) was delightful, and I love the way the variegation turned out. They’re just your basic 64-stitch stockinette sock, with a picot cuff and a slipped-stitch heel flap, nothing fancy.

I cast on for another sock within minutes of finishing those:

New sock

I’m calling these socks my “Lightning Bugs”; the pattern is “Socks for Veronik” from Interweave’s Holiday issue, and the yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in “Firefly” (a very Project Spectrum appropriate color). The reason only a few repeats have been completed is because I screwed up the pattern (the error is on the side you can’t see in the photo) whilst attempting to knit on dramamine on the bus ride, and haven’t felt up to dealing with fixing it since then. Maybe later today.

6 thoughts on “back home”

  1. Hope you’re all better by now – you look pretty unhappy in those flickr pictures! I like your new socks and you socks to be…

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