in which I complain about the weather

This is making me rather unhappy right now:

Winona Forecast

That’s the forecast for my trip up to Winona. My first trip up to my hometown during the non-winter months in years. If it actually does rain and storm every single day I’m up, I’ll cry. Please, weather, it is so expensive and difficult for me to get up there on any regular basis, so if you could do me a favor and be nice and sunny at least one of the days I’m up, I’d be ever so grateful. After all, if I’ve got to hang out inside the whole time, how is that any different than a wintertime visit?

The weather ain’t too hot here, either. Well, actually, it is too hot, in the literal sense (har har, ain’t I just so clever?). I just walked myself home from campus in 90 degree temps, with a blazing sun. At least I have some crazy SPF 85 sunscreen (yes, really!) and a dorky, yet practical sunhat to shield me from the evil UV rays (seriously, I have to be really careful about this, since too much UV exposure can bring on a flare…so, it’s dorktastic sunhats for me!). I tend to overheat rather easily, so as you might imagine, I kind of feel like someone ran me over with a truck right now. But I am oh so proud of this:

Go me!

And to think, a couple of months ago things were so bad with my back that I could barely walk. Go me! (and also, how cool is it that my walk today turned out to be 2.50 miles even, from the door of my lab to the door of my house?).

Hmm, you might notice that this post has no knitting content. I’ve had quite the adventure of a week, with the middle portion eaten up by some seriously crazy medication reactions (I’m not a fan of losing my ability to remember things or speak fluently, and having hallucinations, so I’m working my way off the newer nerve pain med now, too. Apparently my body is opposed to me being able to take any medications at all. So now I’ll probably go back to having more pain, but I’d rather have pain than a malfunctioning brain). So, there hasn’t been a lot of knitting (or knitting-blog reading/commenting). Or any, really. I was doodling around for a little while trying to figure out some stitch patterns that might be fun to use in a design with the Lorna’s Laces “Winona” yarn from my last post, but nothing was really working, and I’ve frogged so many times that I’ve sort of killed bounciness of the yarn. Maybe it just doesn’t want to be a cowl. Fingerless gloves, maybe? We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “in which I complain about the weather”

  1. Yay, you! That’s huge, being able to walk so far! I remember how weak my legs became when I couldn’t walk, and it felt so good to be up and about again.

    Oh, and Tag!

  2. Hallucinations do not sound fun at all. I hope you can find a nice balance where you don’t suffer AND you can think. That would be awesome!

    Also, if you want to hear about crazy weather…we were just in the basement as Kalamazoo got pummeled by three tornadoes. Everyone is fine, but it was definitely more excitement than I planned on for tonight.

    Enjoy the trip home!

  3. ugh – the forecast here is T-Storms and temps in the 90s’!!!

    what program do you have on your ipod for tracking millage, etc – that is cool!!!!

  4. alright, so how’s the weather? do they seriously make 85 spf sunscreen??? i have heard that there is no point in getting anything higher than 15 spf because then it’s just yucky chemicals.
    also, go you! what a great walk it must’ve been!

  5. Oh, sorry about all the medication issues.

    My hubby is a freckly redhead who spent many of his growing up years in equatorial Africa…so he’s all too familiar with sunscreen and dorky hats (and long sleeves in the blazing heat!) Our daughter got his red hair, which I love, but he’s afraid she’ll have the same fair complexion that caused him so much grief.

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