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There are no finished pictures of Syncopated Ribs. There are two reasons for this. The first is because, well, I haven’t exactly finished it. But that was mostly because of this:

Stormy Skies

The weather this weekend was threatening in a frustratingly on-and-off manner, and I just knew we wouldn’t be making a trip up to the beach, and that knowledge totally killed my motivation to finish seaming and weaving in ends. We did make a visit to the zoo in between bouts of storminess, where we saw the Cutest Orangutan Ever:

Cutest Orangutan Ever.

Hmmm, what else is new? Well, I have a perfect example of impatience being rewarded:

Amazing things can happen overnight.

I took the first picture yesterday evening, and whined to my husband about my serious case of iris-envy (all of our neighbors have had theirs for awhile, and ours have just been hanging out all folded up, taunting me). My jaw dropped this morning when I saw that it had bloomed overnight! I probably looked like a crazy lady, because I ran outside in my houseslippers, with my hair still wrapped up in a towel, to take pictures. And here, because I am now crazy in love with my camera’s Super Macro mode, is a macro shot of this gorgeous flower:

Closest Up of All

I am currently holed up in our bedroom, because there are dudes here putting our new (tankless!) water heater in, and they are leaving the door open, which is letting flies and yellowjackets in, and I am so terrified of the buzzy things that I had to shut myself in here or else I wouldn’t get anything done. But now that I am stuck in here, instead of working, I am contemplating other, probably less important things. You see, I’m going on a trip next week:


I’m visiting my family (with little Loopy in tow) in my hometown in Minnesota. I have no idea whether that colorway of Lorna’s Laces sportweight was named for my town, but when I saw it, I had to pick it up (even though those colors are so not me, really). I plan to turn it into something (oh, who am I kidding? It’ll be a cowl) and sharing the pattern once I get home. But I’m going to have quite a long block of knitting time on the train both ways, and I’m sure during some quiet time in the mornings and evenings, so just that cowl won’t be enough. So hence, I am debating what to bring, and trying to stick to smaller things because lugging along a bulky sweater just won’t do. Here are some of the things I am considering (these are all Ravelry links, my apologies to those who can’t see what I’m linking to):

For sure:

  • Rusalka Gloves. I’ve already started these, but might even finish before I leave. Of course, there’ll be plenty of yarn leftover for another pair, and I can think of a few people who might like them.

As possible additional projects, some Project Spectrum appropriate knits (only one of these):

  • Lace Blouson. Probably still too large a project to bring, really, even though I’m dying to get started on it.
  • Tyrolean Stockings. The balls of yarn that I’m using for this are rather large, and I’m trying to pack light, so maybe not. Also not sure if I want to be doing a lot of cabling while traveling.
  • Swallowtail Shawl, in Silky Wool. This might be good…it’s pretty compact and the lace would be challenging but wouldn’t require a cable needle or anything.
  • Socks for Veronik, in Lorna’s Laces “Firefly”, totally ripping off kelpknits’ version. These could be perfect, actually.

Any thoughts? I guess it probably seems like I’ve already decided, but I’m still debating, really.

6 thoughts on “not an FO post”

  1. Beautiful iris. And of course Datu is adorable and he does typical little brother thing to his older sister. Watching the orangutans is like people watching, both pleasurable occupations. Traveling mercies for your trip home. (the Winona might be the singer not a town in MN but I’d rather the town as a transplanted S. Dakotan)

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