swatches galore!


Well, ok, I don’t think my whopping two swatches particularly warrants the use of “galore”, but I liked the sound of it. And hey, I’m making up for my lack of bloggish diligence by making two posts in as many days!

So, yeah, as the title suggests, I’ve been swatching. First up, my swatch for the me-sized gansey I plan to knit during the Tour de France this year:

gansey swatch

The yarn is Bartlett Yarn, in Dark Jade, and this picture was taken after it had a nice little bath in some SOAK wash. I put a little chevron in there, just to see what the stitch definition was like.

gansey swatch, gauge

As you can see, my gauge is pretty much a perfect 4sts/in, which means I’ll have an easy time with the math when it comes time to do more detailed planning.

The other sweater I swatched for is a tour-de-force in garter stitch. Namely, the Bog Jacket. I was originally planning to knit myself an adult-sized Tomten jacket, but I think I just like the look of the Bog Jacket a bit more. Anyway, the swatch:

Swatchy Swatch

The yarn is Beaverslide McTaggart Tweed, in “Prairie Sandreed”. It’s a really nice tweedy green, a bit greener than it appears in that photo. And it is so soft after having a bath in SOAK. Unbelievably soft. I love it.


As you can see, my gauge is just the tiniest speck over 3sts/in. I’ve actually already done the math, and cast on my key number of 108 sts, and have even made it about an inch into the body. Apparently I’d rather do just about anything than finish seaming up Syncopated Ribs, because something else (also Project Spectrum-appropriate) hopped on my needles, as well:

Beginning of Rusalka Gloves

That’s the beginning of a Rusalka Glove, from “Knitting New Mittens and Gloves”. The book, by the way, is one I would highly recommend…there are so many lovely patterns in it, and I plan to knit several of them in the near-ish future, from yarns I’ve got sitting around in my stash. The yarn I’m using above is Hand-dyed 100% Merino Superwash fingering-weight yarn from See Jayne Knit Yarns, in “Green Tea”. It is absolutely gorgeous (why yes, I did discover my camera’s “Super Macro” mode today!).


7 thoughts on “swatches galore!

  1. Cool, I’m knitting a bog jacket too. You’re actually knitting yours in the the exact yarn I wanted to knit mine in (colour and everything) but I had some ancient Briggs and Little in my stash that I was determined to use up, so I couldn’t really justify buying new yarn.

    Happy knitting!

  2. A note about the Beaverslide — knit it at a tighter gauge! I knitted my husband’s Tomten at 3 st/in, if I remember right, and it kind of grows as he wears it.

    Can’t wait to see your bog! And Gansey! Great colors.

  3. all the new knitting! i have to get my hands on some of that McTaggart Tweed one of these days – I hear so many good things about it!!!! That book is also on order at the library – yay for warm handwear!

  4. I love the Beaverslide McTaggart Tweeds, but that Prairie Sandreed color is GORGEOUS. I love it. I need an excuse to order more, the color wouldn’t look so great on me, but you know, I know people.

  5. Ah, Beaverslide tweed! Be still my heart! I just love that Prairie Sandreed. What a glorious Bog Jacket you’ll have. And how tantalizing your other project seeds are. Lucky us to be your readers this summer!

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