syncopated ribs

can’t keep up

I’ve been terrible about blogging stuff lately. I keeping thinking, “ooh, I’ll blog about X”, and even getting as far as uploading pictures relating to X to Flickr, but the posts just don’t happen. It’s probably mostly a matter of the new med they have me on for nerve pain (the old one started making me hallucinate, which is way less fun than you might imagine!); I take it every 12 hours, and it makes me rather drowsy and dopey and forgetful for several hours each time, though I’m trying to fight my way though the drowsiness so that I can get things done. I’d liken it to being on dramamine, but without the benefit of being a passenger in a car who can just sleep through the whole trip. Anyway, here, in link form, are a few of the non-knitting things I’ve done recently that I documented on Flickr:

My delicious oatmeal breakfasts
Going on long walks with my husband and my Nike+ gadget
Playing around in the garden
Improving my pizza-making abilities

As for the knitting, remember how I said I hated the neckline of Syncopated Ribs, and was trying to think of how to fix it? Well, I did:

Altered Neckline.

I ripped out the old neckline, ripped down some rows to create a curved front neckline (which created some more ends to weave in, but so it goes), and knit up a more cowl-ish turtlenck. I think the horizontal ribbing of my improvised cowl-neck fits the look of the rest of the sweater, yeah?

So almost done.

So now all that’s left is finishing the sleeve seams, and weaving in the many ends. I’m trying to convince my husband that it would be lots of fun to head up to the beach (on Lake Ontario, not an actual ocean!) to do a photoshoot of the finished sweater this weekend. We’ll see if it happens!

5 thoughts on “can’t keep up”

  1. I concur! I think it looks totally nice with the sweater – the way you ripped back some of the front rows – was that like reverse-shortrowing in it’s effect?

  2. I write blog posts in my head all the time, too! I hope things get easier with your meds :/

    I think the neck looks great on this sweater! I’m looking forward to the FO post.

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