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stop and smell the lilacs


It’s lilac season here, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The air around my neighborhood (home of the Lilac Festival) is just thick with their scent. I went for a walk through the park the other day (avoiding the main part of the festival, as I’m just not a festival sort of gal) and came home smelling like I’d applied some sort of lilac perfume. And of course, they’re so gorgeous, in all their shades of white and purple. It’s wonderful.

I’m steaming along on Syncopated Ribs; I’ve actually finished the knitting, so all that’s left is blocking, seaming, and weaving in the ends. I’ll probably post some modeled shots of the finished sweater next weekend. I’ll probably cast on for the Cardigan for Arwen later today; I apparently just can’t bear not having something bright green on the needles right now. Also, I’m beginning to plan my me-sized gansey for the Tour de France Knitalong, so expect to see some swatches soon. I’ve also gone back to working on the Escheresque Mittens for my dad; I’d stalled on them because I hadn’t decided what colorwork pattern to use for the palm and thumb of the mitten, so I’m working on charting those out now, and writing up a pattern for what I’ve done so far so that I don’t forget!

7 thoughts on “stop and smell the lilacs”

  1. The Tour knitalong sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll participate this year. I wonder if our very very basic cable even gets the channel where the Tour is shown. Hmmmm.

  2. the lilacs at my parents house were blooming this weekend and that is all you could smell! It’s incredible!

    can’t wait to see the sweater!

  3. My poor lilacs were doing beautifully until the recent heat wave totally fried them. I love that scent, too. My Rochester friends were always inviting me up for the lilac festival, but I never made it!

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