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I’m back (sort of)

And I have some knitting progress to report:

Syncopated Ribs (so close!)

Yep, I used Syncopated Ribs as my Officially Permitted Distraction Knitting whilst finishing up a bunch of work at the end of this semester, and came very close to finishing off the knitting on the body. I’ve only got a few more inches left to knit down the body, and then it will be time to pick up stitches for the neckline and cuffs. Just in time for it to get hot this summer!

I’m still not feeling too great. My back is still a mess, and I’ve been under the weather with allergies and bad medication reactions and such, but c’est la vie. I did have a successful try at swimming last week, though, so I’m feeling optimistic about that becoming a new means for getting exercise that won’t aggravate my joints. I’ve still got a lot of things that I need to be working on (in grad school, the end of the semester is pretty meaningless since research projects never stop), which is hard to do when I’m not feeling that great, so even though I’m “back”, I’ll probably be a bit lower-key on the blogging front for awhile longer. I’m doing my best to catch back up on everyone’s blogs, but after essentially ignoring my Google Reader for two weeks (relatedly, if any of y’all are as easily distractible as I am, I highly recommend LeechBlock), I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up again, and I may have to just do the dreaded “mark as as read” and start fresh. It happens.

6 thoughts on “I’m back (sort of)”

  1. I’ve always liked this sweater, but haven’t gotten around to knitting it. Looks like a cheerful pistachio green from my monitor. Hope you are feeling better and I totally hear you on the end of semester for a grad student — it’s basically non-existent. Having been through that route I can assure you that there is light at the end of that (sometimes) long, dark tunnel.

  2. mark all as read??? OH NOOOO!! :)

    that green is such a great color. i’m so glad that the swimming went well for you. i hope it’s easier on your joints than running!

  3. that sweater is really nice – simple yet with some nice touches to make it different! Hope you feel better – swimming is a great non-impact exercise!

  4. I can’t wait to see your sweater finished – it looks like a winner! And I hope the swimming will turn out to be a good fit for you in the long term. I wish I were better at it myself.

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