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As promised, an FO post

Sienna Cardigan is finished!

I finished the Sienna Cardigan (a very Project Spectrum-appropriate knit!) earlier today (after a marathon session of seaming and end-weaving…oy, now I remember why I love knitting sweaters in the round!), and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk up to Highland Park (which is essentially in our neighborhood, lucky us!). The walk maybe wasn’t the best idea, given that I am once again basically in the same amount of pain as I was in before they put me on nerve pain meds (I suspect it would be much worse without them), except, you know, medicated into a haze, but it was so nice to spend some more time outdoors before the sun gets too harsh and the bees get too thick in the air.

Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a post about the park or about nerve pain, but rather, a post about my new finished sweater! So on that note, here are the vital stats:

Pattern: Sienna Cardigan, from Fall 06 IK
Yarn: Rowan Cork, in “Mouse”
Needles: size 8 Denise circulars

Me in my new sweater

I knit it at a tighter-than-recommended gauge, hoping to get a sweater somewhat smaller than the 36″ smallest size. My plan worked just a bit too well, but I’m fairly sure that once I block it, I’ll get a little bit of growth (at least, the swatch grew a bit after I soaked it!). It does fit, but it’s a little snugger than I’d prefer right now.

This is actually the very first cardigan I have ever knit! I’m not sure why this is, really, since cardigans are really very useful. It won’t be the last cardigan I knit, that’s for sure!

17 thoughts on “As promised, an FO post”

  1. The sweater look very good on you especially with the touch of color underneath. Highland Park is beautiful the entire year, but especially next month during the Lilac Festival. Lucky you living in the neighborhood so you don’t have to try to find a parking place to view the flowers. I love the fact that my bus route goes through the park so I can grab a quick glance and inhale the smell of all those lilacs. As far as the veggie garden goes there are a number of things that can be grown in pots this year before you try to put in a regular garden. In fact I do all my veggie gardening that way as the only sunny spots I have are in the front yard. Take care of yourself and that sweet man of yours.

  2. I love it! It’s really flattering on you. I bet you’ll get a lot of use out of it; it looks very versatile. Great job!

  3. Wow! I love your sweater! I have been longing to make this sweater for quite a while but I could never find the right color… Maybe I will be able to copy you, it looks awesome!!!

  4. That turned out great! I’ve been wanting to make this sweater since it came out, but I’m also a little hesitant to make a cardigan. Did you find it enjoyable? Were the button parts aggravating?

  5. The cardigan really suits you. Thanks for the pictures. Being in constant pain is not so good! I have no idea what causes your pain, but I read an article in the Daily Telegraph about an experiment with cod liver oil. People who took a daily dose used 30% less pain killers. The doctors thought this might have been due to vitamin D levels being a bit low. I am giving this a try at the moment and take a little lemon juice to mask the taste. It does seem to help. Best wishes and happy knitting.

    Willemtje, a Dutch knitter

  6. How pretty! Now I want one! and I love the color, but what’s with Rowan’s name for it? Mouse?! Whatever…anyway, great job and it’s beautiful and I hope your back pain resolves itself soon.

  7. Wow, Whitney, that looks great. You’ve come a long way from the socks and hats you used to make in the SOC

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