project spectrum

I failed at fire

FIRE failure

Hey, remember how I was going to knit (at least) a pair of socks for each element of Project Spectrum? Yeah, well, what you see up there is my whopping progress on my fiery sock. Not even one whole repeat! And it’s not that I don’t love the yarn or the pattern (they’re both great, really), it’s just that life seems to have had other things in mind for me these past two months. I’ll finish these socks eventually, I’m sure. And I didn’t totally fail at FIRE, anyway…


I’d almost forgotten about this yarn (that I made with my own hands!), but when I pulled it out today to take this picture, I was reminded of another idea I’d had for Project Spectrum, which was to spin up some fiber representing each element. I’ve not been feeling up to spinning recently (the back pain I’ve been having sort of interferes with that particular activity), but once I do feel up to it again, I’d like to spin up some good Earthy yarn. I’m thinking this roving (Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale Pencil Roving) looks pretty perfect for that…maybe I can ask for some for my birthday?  (I’ll be turning 25 in less than two weeks now!).

Still feeling pretty zombie-fied on these meds they’ve given me, and am not having the level of pain relief I’d hoped for. So we’ll see how productive I can manage to be…I’ve got lots of possible projects ready to go for EARTH (what can I say, I’m an earth-tones sort of gal)!

5 thoughts on “I failed at fire”

  1. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I thought that I was going to be knitting socks in each PS color too, like I did last year, but oh well.

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