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Oh my goodness, y’all, when they told me I’d be drowsy and out of it on these meds, they so weren’t lying. I got my presentation rescheduled for Tuesday, thank goodness, because all I could manage yesterday was looking at pictures on Flickr in a nearly catatonic state. Same goes for today, really…I’ve not even managed to shower, because I’m too worried I’ll fall over and crack my head open or something. I spent awhile reloading the recent “most interesting” photos page, and then realized maybe it would be fun to type “quilt” in as a search term. Oh, wow, the inspiration…

Quilting Inspirations

And lucky for me, Amazon was very quick to remedy the damaged book situation, and just a bit ago I heard a knock at the door, and found these waiting for me:

Much better, Amazon

Much better. So now I have even more pretty, inspiring pictures to look at. And believe me, today it’s just going to be the pictures…I am not in any state to be trying to learn sewing techniques.

The other thing waiting for me when I went out the door was this:

Even less like Spring than before

Yeah, it’s even less spring-like than before. That’s some wet, goopy snow on those branches. C’mon Winter, give it up.

10 thoughts on “catatonic”

  1. If you decide to quilt with fabric, let me know. I’ve done two now and have learned a couple of tricks along the way… :) Hope you’re up and about again soon. Let me know I can do anything for you!

  2. Ooooh, quilty. You say inspiration, I say distraction. I definitely have to get some quilting books for myself.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I have enjoyed quilting. In fact I have an ancient (3 years) project that is waiting to be quilted. It is all pinned and ready to go, then the sewing room was broken down to become a bedroom while my son’s family lived with me. They have moved into their own home but the sewing machine is still in the basement. As far aw the weather goes, what can you expect when you live in Upstate NY. At least they are holding out the promise of sunshine and warmer weather in the coming week. Hang in there Whit, one of the days you’ll feel more like your old self.

  4. I’m glad you got your presentation rescheduled and the damaged book situation resolved. Looking at pretty, colorful quilt pictures on flickr seems like exactly the right thing to do. I hope the weekend helps everything improve.

  5. I do not envy that weather at all! I really hope it warms up there for you soon!

    I also ordered Last Minute Patchwork Gifts from Amazon and it arrived the other day. Everything in it seems out of my skill level, but maybe someday I’ll have a pretty quilt. ;)

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