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bad day

Let me tell y’all about my day yesterday. I finally got to see my doctor, and after a series of rather painful tests, got confirmation about what’s going on (swollen tissue in my back putting pressure on my sciatic nerve, making me hurt like crazy and also messing up my ability to walk), and two different meds that have drowsiness as a side effect. Am warned repeatedly that they take awhile to get used to, and that I will probably feel like a zombie the next morning (I do…this is taking me forever to write and is probably incoherent), and thus should probably cancel any meetings I have in the early part of today. This will be relevant in a bit.

I then manage to survive an entire day at the office, by not actually being in my own office, but instead hijacking the “comfy chair” in one of the labs I work in. Hey, whatever works, right?

We run a bunch of errands, which isn’t terribly fun when you’ve got shooting pain in your entire left side, but it’s ok, because I know when I get home, I have a fun Amazon package waiting for me. Except:

WTF, Amazon?

WTF, Amazon? I’ve gotten the quilting bug, and seeing Megan’s fabric goodies is only making it worse. So, in true Whitney-style, I decided to order a couple of books before I delve any further into this whole sewing thing. Amazon, in their infinite wisdom, decided to pack these books in an oversized padded envelope. So, when I got them yesterday, one of the books (a hardcover!) was bent completely in half, and the other had its spine broken. I’m rather upset about this…I know I’ll get non-damaged copies eventually through the return process, but I wanted to play with them NOW!

And then, just to top off my very-fun day, I sent an email intended just for my advisor, telling him about the medication situation and asking to reschedule our meeting…but instead of sending it to my advisor, I sent it to my entire lab (not hard to do, especially when one is a bit foggy from pain…the lab email is just my advisor’s email with “lab” tacked on the end…oh, the dangers of autcompletion). Way to go, self. I am so embarrassed!

And today, I’m supposed to be giving a presentation at 12:30-ish.  I’m also supposed to take another one of my drowsiness-inducing pills at lunchtime.  This’ll be…interesting.

5 thoughts on “bad day”

  1. Aw, that stinks.

    Maybe you can pick the books up at a local bookstore, and then get a credit from amazon to be used for even more fabulous books?

    I bought the Last Minute Patchwork Gifties for my future sister-in-law for Christmas, and she’s obsessed with it. It’s on my list, too. Feel better!

  2. Oh Whit, I’m sorry. All of that sucks. Hope the pain subsides and tomorrow’s a better day.

    And can I just say that for a girl with way more than her share of health issues and pain, you are one of the most upbeat people I (virtually) know. I don’t think I could be as cheery as you in the same situation. I really that about you.

  3. Oh, YUCK. Choosing between being a cloudyheaded klutz and being in lots of pain just plain sucks. And nerve pain… oof. I hope the meds give you some relief!

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