I’m done with Winter, but Winter’s not done with me

this is the same piece of sky

Remember those treetops? Yeah, that’s the same little stretch of sky that was so brilliantly blue just a little over a month ago. But that’s what we’ve got, today. It’s wearing on me, a little…I’m just so ready to be done with winter, to be done with being cold (we keep our thermostat set very low, to save on heating costs, but it does get old to always need to wear so many layers and to still have that little chill in my bones even when I do), to have sunshine and flowers and all those things. But alas, while it is now officially Spring, Winter seems to have not gotten the message.

I’ve been knitting, but haven’t been in the mood to try to take pictures of it in this lighting, so I don’t have anything to share on that front. I’ve been having a bit of a tough time recently…all of the traveling really wore me down, and sometime in the midst of it (perhaps when we got rear-ended in the blizzard?), I managed to do something to my back that led to a recurrence of the sciatica I’ve gotten on-and-off ever since the spinal tap I had 4.5 years ago (when I wound up in the hospital with meningitis-like symptoms…it turns out this was probably the onset of the problems I’ve been having ever since). So I’ve been in pretty intense pain for awhile, which is starting to drive me a bit nutty. This morning I had an appointment on campus (alas, not with my doctor…I can’t get in until Wednesday!), and instead of staying at my office all day afterwards, I decided to walk home. It was probably a stupid idea (2.6 miles of walking, on icy sidewalks, with sciatica…yeah, I know, that’s not “probably” stupid, it is stupid), but at least this way I get to be in pain at home where I can cry if I want to.

Yep, I love my bright-colored knits

But don’t worry…I’m trying to keep my spirits up despite the dreary weather and all the pain. And my collection of brightly colored handknits is definitely helping the cause!

6 thoughts on “I’m done with Winter, but Winter’s not done with me”

  1. Adorable picture. Good for you for keeping a positive attitude! The bright, sunny knits help, I hope.

    And I feel your pain on the winter front. We got over 13 inches of snow on Friday, with more in the forecast tonight. Makes me want to cry.

    Feel better!

  2. It’s like that here too. Morning temps still in the low 20’s. I’m just sick of always being cold!

    Love the bright knits – spring in yarn form!

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re in pain. You look beautiful and cheerful, though, and your bright handknits are inspiring. Hang in there, and I hope that life takes it easy on you.

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