chevron scarf

back, and with something to show for it

My travel project of choice these past few trips has been completed:

Chevron Scarf, flying high

The Chevron Scarf is flying high now that it’s off the needles, but I’m not. I’m back from North Carolina now, and feeling much worse for the wear. I’ve got a low-grade migraine going on at the moment, thanks to the olfactory assault to which I was subjected on the airplane yesterday. I have smell-triggered migraines, and amongst my triggers is the smell of Twizzlers. Yeah, I know it’s weird, but so it goes. Anyway, the woman across the aisle consumed an entire bag of them during our flight (which, migraine issues aside…ewww! Maybe I’m not the best judge, because to me they just smell like pain and nausea and awfulness, but they also appear to be made of plastic! How can someone consume a whole bag of them in an hour???). I’m generally pretty good at avoiding my triggers, but sometimes it’s just out of my hands. C’est la vie.

So anyway, I’m glad to be home. I don’t go into the office on Mondays, so I’m getting to enjoy (as much as one can, whilst feeling migrainy) the gloriously sunny day I’m being treated to here in Upstate NY. And the Chevron Scarf got to go and and enjoy it with me:

Red bush, blue sky, and a scarf of many colors

I didn’t knit it quite as long as some of the Chevron Scarves I’ve seen, but then again, I’m rather short, and I also know it will grow a fair amount when I wash it and hang it to dry. I’m in love with this scarf…it’s just such a fantastic celebration of COLOR:

Chevron Scarf in a bush

I love the crazy mishmash of colors this combination of yarns (the ubiquitous STR “Farmhouse”/”Watermelon Tourmaline”) creates in this pattern, and I’m quite pleased the weather decided to grant me a beautifully sunny day in which to capture them. Here’s one last photo, with the scarf resting on the snow:

Look what's off the needles!

Cheers to color!

11 thoughts on “back, and with something to show for it”

  1. What gorgeous photos! I hope your migraine goes away soon. I have to admit to liking Twizzlers, in all their plasticky, artificial glory.

  2. Twizzlers are definitely plasticky, but sometimes they hit the weird spot. They do hit their diminishing returns of pleasure pretty quickly, though, so there is definitely something wrong with eating that many in a sitting.

    Yay FO!

  3. Gorgeous! I love this color combo every time I see it. If I had the patience to knit another Chevron, it would definitely be in those colors.

    I am so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I have to agree with you that Twizzlers are nasty, though I do like regular Red Vines :)

  4. Erin put it very nicely. They do hit the “weird spot”.

    Your scarf is lovely! That one’s on my ever-growing list. I have the yarn for it and everything. Maybe I’ll take my cue from you and make it a travel project when I’m out of town next weekend.

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