snowed in

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, but I don’t have any pictures to share (well, I do have a couple of pictures of my husband and I all dolled up, but that’s it). We’d intended to be on the road today, but, as you might’ve heard, Ohio got a wee bit slammed by snow. The wedding took place on the top of a bluff across the river from Cincinnati, in the middle of a “level 3 snow emergency” (we were indoors, of course!). Yesterday, we made the trip from Cincinnati to Columbus (in about 5 hours…it should have taken 2), where my husband’s parents live, not realizing just how bad the conditions would be (see, in MN, where I am from, they close the freeway if they’ve not bothered plowing it and the winds are as bad as they were yesterday. But not in Ohio, apparently!). Had we known, we would’ve just spent an extra night in Cincinnati, because it was honestly the most terrifying, harrowing, stressful travel experience of my entire life, and I was only the passenger. I don’t even want to talk about it, it was just that awful. The stress of it was just so much…I can feel my body sort of crashing today from everything, and now I’m going to have one less day to recover after this trip before I take off for the conference in NC, because:

Snowed in

What you see there is snow, all the way up over the deck of my in-law’s front porch. It was a record snowfall in Columbus, I’m pretty sure, a little over 20 inches (which, to this former Minnesotan, doesn’t seem like it would be a record-breaking amount, but Central Ohio is very different from MN!). The storm kept going, all the way up the remainder of our path back home to Upstate NY. So, we’re hanging out here for the day, instead of being on the road again. We’re hoping that they’ll be able to clear the roads, because that stretch of our drive is 6.5 hours in good conditions…if it’s anything like yesterday, we won’t even be able to do it.

Anyway, it’ll probably be awhile before I’m back to knit blogging or doing much commenting, since I’ll be pretty much heading straight to the conference once I get home. Suffice it to say, there wasn’t much knitting taking place while my husband drove…he needed me to be keeping him calm and keeping my eye on the road ahead with him. I’ll be back, eventually.

7 thoughts on “snowed in”

  1. Oh my dear, I worried about you all weekend-gotta preserve them budding spinners. A friend was coming from NC via Dallas and got stuck in the Dallas airport for two days because they had a bitty bit of snow there and they don’t have equipment! Sigh.

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