heading to a wedding

Rose in the snow

We’re taking off for Ohio in a little bit, on our way to my brother’s wedding. Tomorrow I’ll be giving the shawl to my wonderful sister-in-law, and then playing my violin in their ceremony. I will hopefully return with pictures to share. I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for this trip and the one that will follow right on its heels (I’m heading down to North Carolina for a conference two days after we get back from the wedding!), so my apologies if I’ve missed something terribly exciting on anyone’s blogs; I just haven’t had the time to read much of anything. I’m bringing along a project I’ve not blogged much about at all (though it was in the mosaic in the last post, if anyone feels like guessing), and I’m optimistic that I might finish it. There just might be an FO in my next post…we’ll see!

For now, I leave y’all with a pretty rose in the snow, from the snowstorm we had back in November. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “heading to a wedding”

  1. Gorgeous photo! Have a wonderful time at the wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple. Your soon-to-be SIL is going to love the shawl. Safe travels!

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